Unlimited Outdoors by Tim Lesmeister

The great angling bite of fall

Timing is everything, so get out early … or late, depending on which species you’re pursuing in the autumn.

Crappies are popular everywhere

If you were born in the upper midwest there is a strong possibility you are well versed at setting up live-bait rigs for walleyes. If your life was spent growing up in the northwestern United States you know how to…

Honored to live a Hall of Fame life

A healthy career, marriage, and network of friends and colleagues leads Tim Lesmeister to the Little Falls-based Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame.

Yes, I hunt with an AR-platform rifle

The author uses his “sport utility rifle” for deer hunting, but he thinks they’re an obvious choice for coyotes, feral pigs, and other hunting scenarios.

Fishing with the old man can be productive

My son, Jason, has always been an outstanding angler. He has a knack for finding fish and always seems to know what they will bite on. He was a fixture in my boat from the time he could hold a…

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