Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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Mustard is magic for funky fish

Mustard magic isn’t just coating the prepared fillets with mustard to impart its unique flavor. Here’s my mustard-magic recipe.

Wild Game Cooking: Pheasant Cacciatore

In Italian, cacciatore means the hunter, so this is truly the hunter’s dish. Make it with your favorite pale-meated birds: pheasant, Hungarians, chukar partridge, and blue and ruffed grouse.

Moroccan Style Lake Trout Burger

Adam Berkelmans lives in eastern Ontario and enjoys hunting, fishing, foraging, and gardening in order to acquire real food, which he uses to create internationally inspired recipes.

Venison-Tater Tot Skillet Casserole

Jeff Benda is based in North Dakota, where he’s an avid outdoorsman and family man. He spent 25 years in the restaurant industry and ran a successful catering business.

Small Batch Smoked Venison Jerky Jeff Benda

Small-Batch Smoked Venison Jerky

The best jerky is both chewy and pliable and should never leave you with a sore jaw after enjoying a piece. For this reason, I prefer to use the smoker instead of a dehydrator. Any

Squirrel Chili With Grilled Garden Vegetables Outdoor News Taste Of The Wild

Squirrel Chili with Grilled Garden Vegetables

Kory uses a grill to bring greater flavor to the fresh vegetables in this recipe. Kory develops the flavor in this dish by first roasting the vegetables to give them a mellow, smoky profile, then

Southwestern Smoked Pheasant Tacos 4

Southwestern Smoked Pheasant Tacos

After 20 years of hunting pheasants here in North Dakota, I have learned from experience there are lots of ways to end up with a dried out, tough game bird that disappoints at the family