In Texas lake, invasion of the giant salvinia

Giant salvinia, a highly invasive, free-floating aquatic fern that can double in size in less than a week under ideal growing conditions, is one of the major threats to aquatic ecosystems in Texas.

Pandemic hinders raising of rare whooping cranes for the wild

The COVID-19 pandemic is drastically reducing the number of young whooping cranes to be released this fall to help bring back the world's rarest cranes. Zoos and other places where the endangered birds are bred have had to cut not only staff size but use of two techniques to boost the birds' numbers

U.S. moves forward with plan to end wild bird protections

The proposal would end the government's decades-long practice of treating accidental bird deaths caused by industry as potential criminal violations under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. More than 1,000 species are covered under the law.

'Bear Jam' 2020: Wyoming grizzly-viewing experience getting hairy

This year, there were no chaperones, and people were mostly left to police themselves. Sometimes that went smoothly, but other times it's proved to be an ugly affair – and the stakes are high when large carnivores, naive tourists and high-speed traffic are all part of the equation.

Federal agencies move to increase Alaska hunting, trapping

The new rules are designed to allow hunters to kill black and brown bears over bait, black bears including cubs and females with cubs with artificial light at den sites, and wolves and coyotes including pups during the denning season. Hunters can also kill caribou from traveling motorboats and swimming caribou.

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