Federal agencies move to increase Alaska hunting, trapping

The new rules are designed to allow hunters to kill black and brown bears over bait, black bears including cubs and females with cubs with artificial light at den sites, and wolves and coyotes including pups during the denning season. Hunters can also kill caribou from traveling motorboats and swimming caribou.

Northwestern Wyoming gears up for antler rush

The shed hunting rules and access times shifted this year, both because of COVID-19 and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department bumping the legal start time of the season from midnight April 30 to noon on May 1. As a result, there's a 12-hour period when people can legally hike and ride horses onto the Bridger-Teton National Forest, but not touch the antlers that brought them there.

Cattle conflicts prompt killing of endangered Mexican wolves

Documents made public last week show the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service took the action in March after hazing, diversionary food caches and other non-lethal means failed to get the predators to stop killing cattle in two rural areas of western New Mexico.

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