Black Pepper Goose and Asparagus Stir Fry

This stir fry is the perfect answer to a busy weeknight when you want healthy wild game on the table fast. Made with Canada goose breast, but you could use any goose or duck breast, or even thinly sliced venison loin, rump, or round. The vegetables in this dish remain tender-crisp, while the meat remains moist and succulent due to the marinade.

When bison attack – again

This is the second time this year at Yellowstone that a visitor got too close to a bison and the animal responding to the perceived threat by goring the individual.

Using drone technology to fight ... mosquitoes?

The drones will spray insecticide into hard-to-reach areas to kill mosquito larvae and keep the population under control before the breeding season kicks into high gear in the summer months here.

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