Private property owners sue over Virginia’s hunting dog law

(, Va. — Soon after Jim Medeiros bought his 143-acre (58-hectare) cattle and poultry farm in rural Virginia a decade ago, he and his wife were startled by the sounds of 20 hunting dogs barking and howling as they circled their house and chased their chickens. When Medeiros confronted a hunter nearby, the man told him he had permission to…

A little luck on opening day

For this hunter, there is nothing better than the early days of turkey season with the cooler temperatures, limited foliation and lack of insects. It’s a wonderful time to be in the turkey woods. Slinging a gobbler over your shoulder on the way out is icing on the cake. 

Getting the lead out

The use of lead ammunition for hunting has become an environmental issue due to its toxic effects on wildlife and children. Game organs, which are discarded when field-dressing an animal, often contain fragments of lead bullets. These organs, which are left behind are known to cause death in birds such as eagles and hawks who often consume the discarded offal….

In Montana, officials say hunting wolves from aircraft prohibited

HELENA, Mont. — Despite a recent interpretation of Montana state law that aerial hunting of wolves is not prohibited, doing so runs afoul of federal law. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks argued in state District Court recently that state law does not prohibit aerial hunting of wolves. FWP’s arguments came as legal justification for the agency removing language from the state’s…

Hunter harvest surveys an important tool for Game and Fish

Anyone who has hunted in North Dakota might have received a hunter harvest survey in the mail from time to time. And right now is one of those times to watch for a survey in your email inbox. For most surveys, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department selects recipients at random, so the more people who fill out and…