Dan Ladd

Can’t pass up opening day

I got up early on Sept. 27, which with the next issue of New York Outdoor News in the works, would be a busy day. But it was also opening day of the Northern Zone archery season, and I can think of few times in my 30+ years of bowhunting that I’ve missed out on being in a treestand or ground blind…

The end of summer

Sept. 1 marked the beginning of meteorological fall and that’s good news for those of us who like cooler weather, and a hint of fall in the air and a reminder that hunting seasons are nearly upon us.

New gun law answers, communication still lacking

(Photo by Windigo Images)When Gov. Kathy Hochul brought together state legislators for an “extraordinary” session in late June, and waved the three-day discussion period before passing the Concealed Carry Improvement Act on July 1, there was a sense of urgency to pass new gun laws. Yet, none of the effective dates (fortunately) for these new laws were immediate. There’s been…

Summer campground reservations can be challenging

Camping continues to grow in popularity with both NYS Parks and DEC campgrounds in the Adirondacks and Catskills experiencing record numbers of annual visitors. This is a trend that began during the recession of the late 2000’s and has intensified through the Covid pandemic. My wife Adrienne and I are avid summer campers, owning a small “canned ham” style RV….

A little luck on opening day

For this hunter, there is nothing better than the early days of turkey season with the cooler temperatures, limited foliation and lack of insects. It’s a wonderful time to be in the turkey woods. Slinging a gobbler over your shoulder on the way out is icing on the cake. 

A pair of six-hour canoes

I still remember a PBS show called Cottage Country where I saw an episode over 25 years ago that demonstrated how to build what was known as the “Six Hour Canoe” from one sheet of 4×16 marine plywood (or a pair of 8-foot sheets). Eventually, in 2003 I built one. It was at a two-day workshop at what was then the Adirondack…

Enjoy winter while you can

Is it just me, or has this winter gone by fast? It seems like only yesterday it was deer season and the holidays were just ahead. Now, we’re counting the days until March 20, when spring arrives and maybe even more-so, the April 1 trout opener. I like winter, and always have. I grew up snowmobiling, which was one of…

Preparing for winter power outages

One late December morning, my wife Adrienne and I woke up to find the power had gone out. A nasty, over-night windstorm was the culprit. Ours is a log home, and takes a while to cool down. Still, within minutes, I was firing up the wood stove – something I’d be doing anyway – only without my morning coffee. Fortunately,…