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Take Dead Aim: Optic options for your gobbler gun

It’s the perfect hunt on the perfect spring morning. The gobbler responds off the roost, and he’s coming. Your setup is ideal.

Outdoor Steward: Outfitting your ATV for field work

Reaping the greatest benefit from your wooded land or other rural property requires employing good stewardship practices

Flying high again: Boating industry unveils top models for 2015

New model boats keep the best, update the rest

2015 Boat Motors. Stylish, quieter and more fuel-efficient

Four strokes still coming on strong in outboard marketplace

Ice show season: Checking out innovations for hard water 2014-15

From tip-ups to headlamps to augers, some highlights from last weekend’s 22nd Annual St. Paul Ice Fishing and Winter Sports Show.

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Archive »Fishing Tips

Jigs and three-way rigs for spring river walleyes

The hot, ice-out bite for walleyes and saugers on the region’s rivers can deliver all-day jigging action

It’s time to switch to open water crappies!

Hard water has ended, and soft-water slabs via tube jigs provide a great start to the open-water fishing season.

North country perch late ice-angling advice

Ice fishing has nearly ended, but where you can still find walkable border country ice, you’ll likely find jumbo perch

Pre-planning your winter fishing rigs for ice walleyes

Prepare your hard-water rods in advance with these line, lure, and terminal tackle setups.

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Archive »Hunting Tips

Early spring-like weather better for wild turkey scouting

With warmer temps, turkeys will be spread out and easier to locate across your hunting grounds

Late season ring-necked pheasant hunting tips

Have the proper tools and hunt quiet to increase your success during December’s rooster hunting season.

Hunting with your ears

Hunting with your ears can provide big benefits.

Get your gunbox handy: Sight in your slug guns

Time is now to prepare for gun opener


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Archive »How To's

Early spring-like weather better for wild turkey scouting

With warmer temps, turkeys will be spread out and easier to locate across your hunting grounds

Patchwork on a down-filled vest

Duct tape really works

Maple sugaring is a longtime homestead favorite

Hunters and fishermen love maple sugaring

Sometimes it’s OK to get skunked when searching for new ice fishing locations

Stop visiting the same old community ice angling holes, and venture out to locate new honey holes away from the noise and crowds.

All the rage: soft plastics for winter panfish

The idea of consistently putting panfish on the ice with soft plastics has become more than just an experiment.

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Archive »Cooking

Freshwater Fish Cakes

Venison Gyros

Morel Mushrooms stuffed with a crab and cheese filling.

In the wild mushroom world, morels are king. Prized for their wonderful earthy flavor, they also offer a great excuse to head into the woods in spring.

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Archive »Travel

Bitten by the bird bug

New York a great place to add to your life list

Lake Shelbyville

Lake Shelbyville is certainly the center of central Illinois’ outdoors paradise. And the opportunities surrounding the massive area provide anglers, hunters, bikers, birdwatchers and everyone else a year-round playground.

The traveling hunter: Flying with firearms

Planning, preparation make a difference

Writer's treehouse stay doesn't disappoint

House built by Ohio couple near Mohican

Ontario unveils a few new fishing rules for 2014

No updates to OWI rules from last year

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