Take part in Wisconsin DNR’s CWD testing – it helps us twice over

The Wisconsin DNR is pushing this fall to test 300 to 400 deer in each of the West-Central District’s 19 counties.

Testing is available in many other areas of the state, too, but not to that extent.

Numerous agencies, including the DNR, recommends not eating a deer unless the carcass has been tested, particularly with an animal coming from one of the counties that has already identified the disease’s presence.

There is a second reason, too, according to the wildlife biologists in the state.

Testing is the primary way in which the DNR is tracking the disease, it’s spread, and frequency.

While there are numerous reasons for being disappointed with how the state government and the agencies have attempted to deal with CWD – sometimes hiding it and not always applying the best science or little science at all – toss that all aside during the deer seasons and help the DNR, the deer hunters, and the citizens of Wisconsin learn all they can about where the disease lingers and at what level.

Think of it as a hunter’s responsibility to help out, just as we have been asked to do with West Nile virus, ruffed grouse, and other animal species.

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