Too hot to handle

New York could use a hard frost, and soon. It’s been an extremely warm autumn thus far, with temperatures running 10 or 15 degrees higher than average. Even where I reside in the Southeastern Adirondacks, we’re just on the tail end of a two-week run where temperatures have been in the 70s during the day. There’s a bit of a…

Deer foaming at the mouth, dropping dead in San Juan Islands

SEATTLE — Wildlife officials in Washington state have confirmed wild deer are suffering from an animal disease on the San Juan Islands after several residents reported dozens of strange deer deaths over the past few weeks. Dr. Kristin Mansfield, a veterinarian for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, said the disease was identified as adenovirus hemorrhagic disease, The Seattle…

Coyotes take down deer [video]

This video was shared with us by Beverly, who asked that only her first name be used. It was captured on Larksville Mountain, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, on Jan. 13 and provides an amazing look at how ruthless, yet effective, coyotes are as top predators in Pennsylvania. Categories: Pennsylvania Videos Tags: Coyotes, Deer