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Released March 2021
Red White Everything Else Cover

Wild Game Cookbook Titled: “Red, White & Everything Else”, by Tim Kraskey

Tim Kraskey has been hunting since he could walk and cooking to impress family and friends for just about as long. So, it’s only logical to combine these passions into a wild game cookbook titled, “Red White and Everything Else”.

His early retirement from a career in high-tech left him young enough to pour his energy into hunting and habitat development. He owns 3 Keys Farm in Springfield, MN where he hosts regular dove, pheasant, duck, goose and deer hunting events for friends and family. His land is meticulously maintained with food plots that are maintained with game habitat in mind.

Tim is supporting member of: Pheasants Forever; National Deer Association; National Wild Turkey Federation; and more….

He has had his share of great adventures in hunting and fishing in Alaska, Utah, Montana, New Mexico, Alabama, Texas, New England, Mexico and most of Canada. When you hunt as often as he does, you need to eat what you hunt, or why hunt!

Tim was inspired to create this book with great recipes for the wild game he harvested. Now he wants to return some of this back to others in mostly simple, but great tasting and elevated recipes.

The title refers to red meats (Red), white meats (White) and, of course, all other things like seafood, vegetables, marinades, rubs, etc. (Everything Else). While the recipes in this cookbook call for wild game, you can substitute any red meat (even regular beef) you’d like for the elk, venison, antelope and buffalo, and it will still be delicious. For the white meat recipes, you can use turkey, pheasant, grouse and yes, chicken. The remainder of the book consists of rubs, marinades, vegetables, fish or seafood, rice or pastas to help compliment your main course. During his career, Tim traveled the world eating great food from many cultures. The recipes in the book were developed with the tastes from around the world in mind. As an added bonus he has recommend wines and sometimes beer for each recipe. A cheat sheet for the non-wine drinker is included to help you gain an appreciation of the full culinary experience.

Game meat loves the special flavor developed by the charcoal or pellet grill but, if you don’t have the time or resources, gas grills or ovens will do. Interesting woods such as oak, cherry or apple add another layer of flavor. Some of the recipes are Asian inspired and lend themselves to using a wok or large hot skillet. When it comes to herbs, fresh is always best. Tim often uses dried spices too, but fresh spices add a more robust complex flavor.

Most wild game meat has very little or no fat, we all know fat equal’s flavor. You’ll notice that many of these recipes use bacon to add fat and flavors. Adding some fat also helps keep the wild game meat from drying out. And besides, who doesn’t like bacon!

Friends and family got an early first edition of “Red, White and Everything Else” and gave rave reviews. The next round of books is now available directly from the publisher.


With over 75 recipes in this book some of them are:

Bacon Wrapped Wild Backstrap

Grilled Backstrap with Red Wine Reduction

Coffee Rubbed Antelope

Venison or (duck) with Blueberry, Port Reduction Elk, Buffalo or Venison au Poivre

Bulgogi for Wild Game

Wild Rump Florentine

Pheasant Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce

Pheasant Coq Au Vin

Hot and Spicy Vietnamese Pheasant Stir-Fry

Braised Rabbit

Pheasant or Turkey Gyros

Red Curry Scallops

And many more….


You can purchase your book from Northern Wilds Publishing at  https://shop.northernwilds.com/collections/books/products/red-white-and-everything-else-wild-game-cooking-at-its-best


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