Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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Deer kill holding steady, trending upward

Athens, Ohio — Ohio’s deer kill continues to add up with a total to-date animal count that’s ahead of where the tally stood at the same point in 2016-17.

Based on data provided via the Ohio Division of Wildlife’s electronic-based tele-check system, 165,392 deer were killed as of Tuesday, Jan. 2. That figure is 6,443 more animals than were taken for the same period ending Jan. 3, 2017, which was 158,949 animals.

Take note, too, that the immediate previous reporting period ending Dec. 26, 2017, showed a then-to-date deer kill of 163,638 animals. Thus, only 1,754 deer were taken by hunters between the Dec. 26 reporting end-date and the Jan. 2 reporting end-date.

For comparison purposes – and for statistics to be meaningful, comparisons are the holy grail – the 2016-2017 season spread from Dec. 27, 2016, and Jan. 2, 2017, reporting deadlines was even fewer deer; 1,592 animals, to be exact.

That might be surprising given the deep chill virtually all of Ohio’s been under since about Christmas. You’d have thought the cold and the snows of the past 10 or so days would have kept deer hunters at home in front of the hearth. And in some cases that explanation appears to be true, though apparently not in the case of every one of Ohio’s 88 counties.

For more of this story, pick up a copy of the Jan. 19 issue of Ohio Outdoor News.

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