Ohio DNR

Prominent Lake Erie commercial fishing operation charged with more than 20 wildlife violations

Investigators from the Division of Wildlife observed employees of Curtice, Ohio-based Szuch Fishery Inc. allegedly injure a “trophy-sized” muskellunge – like this one – that had been caught in their commercial fishing net in western Lake Erie. (Ohio DNR)The Ohio DNR has charged a prominent Lake Erie commercial fishing operation with more than 20 wildlife violations. For the complete story,…

Out-of-state anglers convicted of walleye poaching on Erie

During their sentencing in Ashtabula Municipal Court, each angler was ordered to pay a fine and restitution for 99 walleye, totaling a combined $9,360 in court costs and restitution. The judge also revoked their Ohio fishing licenses for three years. All six anglers were added to the Interstate Wildlife Violator’s Compact, which could cause them to lose their fishing rights in 46 other states.