Save the symbols from this year’s deer hunt

Don’t throw it away – sort through your deer hunting materials after the season and save some of it. (Photo by Jerry Davis)

I suspect most hunters will strip all the tags, licenses, booklets, and other items no longer needed for hunting from their fanny pack or backpack when the gun deer season closes Nov. 26 and toss them away.

Yes, some seasons still linger and are opportunities to continue hunting, but many a rifle is stowed until next October after cleaning.

The empty casings, booklets and whatever fills the glove compartment besides gloves might be worth more than a memento.

In time they are antiques, including the clothing items. When’s the last time you saw someone with a red plaid coat? How much would it be worth to have it handy to wear to a conservation meeting? Or donate to a museum? Or pass on to a son, daughter, other relatives, or even a homeless person?

One of the most popular items that used to come from the DNR public relations staff was a chronology of Wisconsin deer hunting.

Anyone have a copy of Otis Bersing’s book, “A Century of Wisconsin Deer,” published in 1958?

What a great service it would be if someone in the DNR were given the job of updating the last 60 years of deer hunting and bring this book up to date.

So, come Nov. 26 or Dec. 31, don’t toss what might one day become memorabilia. Just stow those items away, maybe in that partially filled gun cabinet.

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