NYSDEC exceeds target in steelhead egg take

The dam was considered a significant problem for native salmon and steelhead.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Salmon River Hatchery staff completed Steelhead egg collections on Wednesday April 5th, with more than 640 female steelhead handled over four days, resulting in more than 2.4 million eggs collected.

That exceeded the 2.15 million egg target.

Fish hatched from these eggs will be raised in the hatchery for approximately one year, and will be stocked as spring yearlings in 2018.

An additional 149,328 eggs were collected from Skamania strain steelhead.

Steelhead are stocked every spring in tributaries to Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, where they contribute to the open lake and tributary fisheries.

Current Lake Ontario Steelhead/rainbow trout stocking includes 497,700 Washington strain yearlings, 43,000 Skamania strain yearlings and 75,000 “domestic” strain rainbow trout yearlings.

Lake Erie tributaries are stocked with 255,000 Washington strain steelhead annually. Steelhead are an important component of the fisheries supported by lakes Erie and Ontario.

Meanwhile, biologists throughout Lake Erie have been implanting acoustic transmitters in walleye to understand fish movements and how they relate to fishing effort and harvest.

Lake trout in eastern Lake Erie are also being tagged to determine preferred spawning areas and habitat.

Tagged fish are monitored by a network of acoustic receivers throughout Lake Erie. Orange external loop tags identify fish that contain acoustic transmitters, and offer a $100 reward when returned by an angler.

For more information on these and other Lake Erie acoustic projects, visit the Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry Observation System (GLATOS) website.

— New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

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