‘We have probably pulled out 2,000 fish’

Lake Minnetonka anglers recently rushed to save hoards of game fish that had moved into a small pool of open water near a dam that leads to the popular Twin Cities-area fishery. For more, click here. Categories: News Tags: Fish, Fishing, Lake Minnetonka

What lurks beneath the waters of Lake Ontario?

Many bodies of water have their own scary stories involving mysterious sightings and unexplained creatures. Lake Ontario is no different. However, I have personal knowledge through a couple friends that will leave you shaking your head, wondering what it could have been. My grandparents had a cottage on Lake Ontario, and I can remember seeing three large fish cruising the…

Prominent Lake Erie commercial fishing operation charged with more than 20 wildlife violations

Investigators from the Division of Wildlife observed employees of Curtice, Ohio-based Szuch Fishery Inc. allegedly injure a “trophy-sized” muskellunge – like this one – that had been caught in their commercial fishing net in western Lake Erie. (Ohio DNR)The Ohio DNR has charged a prominent Lake Erie commercial fishing operation with more than 20 wildlife violations. For the complete story,…

Fish passage project could have ‘broad impact’ on Great Lakes

The study’s lead author, Sarah Janssen, said that “If an angler is catching a walleye or something else offshore, and it fed near the contaminated zones, it’s a potential that they have higher mercury and that mercury is from legacy contamination.” (Minnesota DNR)Walleye, yellow perch, suckers and smallmouth bass could again swim the winding Boardman River beyond downtown Traverse City…

Jim Beam fined in massive bourbon spill that killed fish

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources found dead fish along 62 miles of Glenns Creek and the Kentucky River.VERSAILLES, Ky. — Jim Beam was fined $600,000 earlier this month after a July warehouse fire sent a nearly 23-mile plume of alcohol into the Kentucky and Ohio rivers, killing fish. The distiller agreed to the fine in a Dec….

Vendors scramble as fresh perch supply shrinks

Because Great Lakes perch is so hard to come by, some businesses are turning to European perch, or Zander, he said, which comes from Poland and other areas in Europe with bodies of fresh water. The fish comes to the U.S. frozen and is not as tasty as yellow perch.