Group calls for fishing ban to protect Idaho steelheads

LEWISTON, Idaho — Fisheries managers should shut down steelhead fishing in the Columbia and Snake river basins to protect a wild run that returns to Idaho’s Clearwater River, according to a conservation group. The Conservation Angler told The Lewiston Tribune in a story on Saturday that even catch-and-release regulations threaten the survival of B-run steelhead. In a letter to Idaho…

Idaho utility continues bid to negate Oregon fish law

Steelhead are at the center of the FishPass controversy.BOISE, Idaho — An Idaho utility is challenging a decision by federal regulators rejecting its request to negate an Oregon law requiring fish passage as part of relicensing for a hydroelectric project on the Snake River. Idaho Power on Friday petitioned the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit…

Oregon lowers bag limit for summer steelhead

Oregon officials expect the reduced bag limit for hatchery steelhead will be temporary, but it marks a conservative beginning to a season that’s expected to be hampered by low returns. As of Monday, only 70,000 hatchery and 25,000 wild steelhead have passed Bonneville Dam – 30 percent of the most recent 10-year average.

Steelie stocks shifting

Ohio Division of Wildlife has had to use its “Plan B” for the agency’s steelhead fisheries program in 2015 and 2016, and might again in 2017 if Michigan’s Little Manistee strain of steelhead trout remain uncooperative.