Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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District 7 – Perham area

No report available at this time.

District 8 – Fergus Falls area

No report available at this time.

District 9 – Glenwood area

Officer Tony Anderson (Morris) assisted in the Appleton area
this week and is keeping an eye on the dog deer complaints.

Officer Chuck Nelson (Paynesville) spent some time working
snowmobilers this week, but trails are starting to show a lot of
bare spots.

Officer Neil Henriksen (Benson) assisted in two snowmobile work
crews this week with the Benson Police Department and the Swift
County Sheriff’s Department.

Officer Bruce Nelson (Ortonville) reports that the spring
migration of geese has started.

District 10 – Hutchinson area

CO Jon Thoreson (Redwood Falls) indicated that he received and
investigated citizen reports of dogs chasing deer and injured
wildlife. Officer Thoreson checked eagle nests in the area and
reported that eagles were already sitting on nests. He also
reported migrating ducks appearing already in open water areas.
Officer Thoreson performed commercial game farm compliance
inspections. At the same time, he spent time enforcing snowmobile
regulations and took enforcement action on operators for speeding,
failing to stop at road crossings and failure to stop for stop
signs on trails.

Officer Nate Barington (Hutchinson-East) spent time enforcing
all-terrain vehicle (ATV) laws, angling laws, and snowmobile

Officer Cory Palmer (Litchfield) performed commercial game farm
compliance inspections, checked anglers, and participated at a “Job
Shadow” program with Litchfield High School at the Meeker County
Law Enforcement Center.

Officer Mike O’Brien (New London) followed up in the
investigation of a possible stolen snowmobile.

District 11 – Marshall area

CO Pat Joyce (Madison) received a complaint on dead racoons and
pheasants scattered on township road. Car-killed deer are starting
to increase in number, with snow melting from road shoulders.

CO Mitch Boyum (Fairmont) is investigating a manure run-off from
a cattle feedlot into Elm Creek. The Minnesota Pollution Control
Agency also has been advised of the incident and will assist in the

CO Joel Mikle (Worthington) gave a presentation to the
Worthington Police Department Citizen Police Academy.

CO Tim Jenniges (Windom) worked dog-chasing-deer complaints and
checked aeration systems.

CO Mike Gruhlke (Jackson) did a radio program on area activity,
bald eagle sightings, and dogs chasing deer.

CO Wally Augeson (Marshall) reports an investigation is
continuing into dead raccoons and rabbits lying in the middle of
the road east of Green Valley.

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