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Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Serial turkey poacher’s trail included Pennsylvania

Indianapolis, Ind. — An Indiana man who is the first to receive a lifetime hunting suspension from his home state included Pennsylvania in the eight-year-plus trail of turkey slaughter, according to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

Indiana conservation officers investigating Hanson Pusey, 25, of West Lafayette, Indiana, uncovered 83 spent shotgun shell casings on which Pusey had written the states and dates of his kills from 2012 through 2019, including 14 dated within three months of his first suspension of hunting privileges in 2019.

In spring 2020, conservation officers in Indiana received information that Pusey, whose hunting privileges had been suspended since March 2019, was still hunting and taking multiple turkeys illegally in several states.

Using advanced surveillance techniques, investigators
monitored Pusey, gathering evidence of poaching in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Indiana.

They also documented Pusey helping family and friends poach turkeys.

Search warrants were served on Pusey’s residence, and in cooperation with all
the other states’ fish and wildlife law enforcement agencies, including
the Pennsylvania Game Commission, charges were filed.

Again, in February 2022, Pusey was charged for hunting without permission and
theft of a trail camera card in Indiana, despite the 2020 investigation
and his convictions in the other states.

On Nov. 10 Pusey was sentenced in Warren County, Indiana, Court to a lifetime hunting suspension along with home detention, probation, and payment of replacement for
the illegal hunting of wild turkeys in the seven states.

Punishments for charges from Pennsylvania included $4,125 in fines and costs and an eight-year hunting license suspension.

In other states, those punishments include $324 in fines and costs and an
indefinite suspension in Connecticut, $700 in fines and costs and
license suspension during probation in Massachusetts, $2,335 in fines
and costs in Georgia, $278 in fines and costs in North Carolina, and
$525 in fines and costs in Tennessee.

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