Daylight Saving Time a permanent thing?

3 21 Dst Frischkorn
Under a proposal racing through Congress that would make permanent Daylight Saving Time, sunrise would come later, pleasing the waterfowling author.

Even as the United States takes a leap forward in adopting year-round Daylight Saving (correctly no “s” at the end) Time, some Ohio sportsmen think it’s a step back.

Personally – and a bunch of hunting buddies I reached out to agree – the change will be welcome if finally approved.

The “Sunshine Protection Act” was passed unanimously by the U.S. Senate on March 15. If also approved by the House and signed by the president, the act would become law beginning November 2023.

All I can say is: It’s about time for making DLT permanent.

No longer will several weeks into the waterfowl hunting season will I need to reset the alarm clock and arise even earlier than a sane goose hunter should have to awaken.

And with a later daylight end in early November when the clock now retreats an hour, I won’t have to plop myself down in the deer blind at 3 p.m. in order to get in a couple hours of waiting.

And even earlier after Thanksgiving. Or rush into the woods at oh-dark-thirty during deer gun week.

Whew. What a relief. Some of my more enlightened hunting friends agree. Sadly, some of them do not.

Longtime duck and deer-hunting friend Tommy Oehlenschlager of Ashtabula County expressed his approval via text message with a smiley emoji. He noted that a later sunset means that after work he’ll be able to spend some quality time in a deer stand with his teenage daughter, Avah.

Waterfowler friend Brad Holtcamp noted, too, that while some duck hunters may whine because they won’t be able to sneak in a hunt before work, at least he’ll be able to get a better, longer sleep-in.

“I hope they will adjust any controlled deer or waterfowl hunt times, though,” said Holtcamp.

Former U.S. Rep. Dennis Eckart – and a really serious deer hunter who maintains a spread in Ashtabula County – says he’d just be happy with no annual “spring forward, fall back” clock change.

“I prefer one time all year ‘round,” Eckart said.

And oft-quoted Ohio Outdoor News deer and turkey hunter Troy Conley of Brown County is happy to have it both ways.

“I’ll like it once I retire but for now I like the earlier end of the day during the rut,” Conley said, noting that if he bags a buck earlier he’ll likely be able to make a daylight recovery.

“But the closer I get to retiring the more I see this work thing is getting in the way of my hunting,” Conley said with a chuckle.

Putting a wet cloth of opinion on making DST permanent is fellow outdoors writer and deer-slayer Tom Cross of Adams County.

“Actually, I like Eastern Standard Time,” Cross said, “I’m a morning person, and I hate the darkness in the morning.”

Then again, I’m a morning person, too. Not just too much of a morning person.

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