Study: In Vermont, snowmobile riders feel negative effects of climate change

Days like this, with good snow cover for snowmobiling, are becoming a thing of the past in places like Vermont.

BURLINGTON, Vt. — A new study from the University of Vermont says snowmobile riders in Vermont are taking notice that fewer days are good for riding.

The number of days with more than an inch of snow in Vermont has dropped from 130 in 1960 to 75 today. Vermont Public Radio reports the study surveyed over 1,400 members of the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers and found that 45 percent have noticed a decline in the amount of time they are able to ride snowmobiles.

Lead author Elizabeth Perry says a third of the respondents have decreased the amount of time they spend in Vermont as a result.

A continuing decline in snowmobiling in Vermont will likely have economic consequences.


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