Here’s a way for hunters to demonstrate landowner appreciation – and perhaps gain future access permission

Looking for something to do to help compensate landowners for “using” their land during hunting season?

How about woodland work, such as cutting brush, removing invasive plants, or cleaning up after a logging operation?

Any deer hunter who has looked into the cost of leasing land knows the value of such a gift in terms of being able to walk away without opening a billfold.

One exercise that would benefit the landowner, the land, the wildlife, and the hunter is timber stand work. This could include removing buckthorn, honeysuckle, prickly ash and pioneer species like boxelder.

Landowners may not put a high priority on such work, but the woodland is helped, meaning the wildlife could improve, too. Property value increases, in terms of the wildlife and the growth of trees for market.

Everyone wins.

Landowners probably have a basic chainsaw. Most of the work could be hand labor. Equipment could be rented. Work can be done during winters with limited snowfall. There is really no downside in this work-for-play scenario.

The process could involve putting a bit of wood in the farmer’s woodpile and maybe in the hunter’s basement, too.

This winter, so far, has been ideal for such timber stand improvement projects. Early spring is another ideal time, when the hunter can spend time without taking away from other outdoors activities.

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