MDHA Hides for Habitat to continue after all

As of Oct. 14, the harvest had included 68 percent female deer.

Grand Rapids, Minn. — For the first time in the 32-year history of the program, the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association’s (MDHA) Hides for Habitat almost did not take place. In fact, press reports earlier in the week suggesting that the program was taking a one-year hiatus were accurate at the time based on the circumstances that existed. But an 11th-hour agreement between fur buyers and MDHA for a higher price for hides will enable MDHA to avoid a one-year pause in the program, it said in a news release.

Hide prices have dropped dramatically in the past year.

China changed their regulations regarding the entry of deer hides to their country. As of August, China will no longer allow tanning of hides in the country, which did not allow enough time for tanneries to react and create new facilities in countries such as Vietnam.

A current oversupply of tanned hides from last year is also in the market. China has imposed a 25 percent tariff to all deer hides entering China.

However, MDHA has worked with fur buyers to negotiate prices that would allow the program to continue uninterrupted, the release said, and MDHA chapters across the state will be collecting hides again this deer season. Boxes for the hides typically are put out the last week in October and are pulled by early December.

MDHA’s Hides for Habitat program is a flagship program of MDHA, and since its inception in 1985 has generated nearly $5.23 million dollars and 865,000 hides to help fund statewide habitat projects, the release said, adding that the program works because of hunters who donate their hides to the orange MDHA logo collection boxes around the state and because of dedicated chapters.

For more information on MDHA and the Hides program, including where you can find boxes to donate your hide, go to or call 800-450-3337.

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