Illinois hunters can legally blaze new fashion trail in the woods starting Jan. 1

Gov. Bruce Rauner finally signed House Bill 4231 into law Saturday at Conservation Day at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield. The new law permits hunters to wear blaze-pink clothing as an alternative to blaze orange.

But bowhunters need to take heed that the law doesn’t take affect until Jan. 1, so for the first half of the season, it remains strictly blaze-orange gear in the woods.

“Blaze pink can be easier to see, making it a safer option when hunters are in fields or woods,” said Sen. Neil Anderson, R-Andalusia, who sponsored the legislation in the Senate. “At the same time, many believe deer can’t see the pink color. Giving hunters this option will only enhance their hunting experience and improve safety.”

Illinois joins Wisconsin, Louisiana, Colorado, Minnesota, New York and Virginia as states that have legalized fluorescent pink as an alternative color to orange.

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