3 Wild Game Cookbooks For Holiday Giving

For the individual who is new to wild game cooking, or for the home chef that wants to elevate their wild game and fish menu, we've got three of the hottest cookbooks!



If you know someone who appreciates the connection between the field and their dinner plate, we’ve got three of this season’s newest cookbooks that would make an excellent gift idea!

Venison: The Slay to Gourmet Field to Kitchen Cookbook
Hardcover $25

Venison: The Slay to Gourmet Field to Kitchen Cookbook
Author: Jon Wipfli; photography by Matt Lien

Raised in Wisconsin and based in Minnesota, outdoorsman and trained chef Jon Wipfli knows a thing or two about venison. Created with the team behind Slay to Gourmet, a Minneapolis-based catering service specializing in wild game, his new book Venison: The Slay to Gourmet Field to Kitchen Cookbook, takes you on an authentic journey from the hunt, through the mechanics of butchery, on to bold and delectable recipes that elevates this somewhat humble wild game to mouth-watering, restaurant-worthy dishes.

In Venison, you’ll find more than thirty recipes for venison—with accompanying accoutrements and sides, all gorgeously photographed by destination photographer, Matt Lien (with clothing props courtesy of Filsen, the classic outdoor clothing company)—the result is a venison book like no other that will appeal to outdoorsmen, gourmands, and adventurous home cooks alike!

Jon also takes readers through the processes of ethical hunting, shares the importance of responsibly- and locally-sourced food, efficient processing with less waste and more for your table (Jon’s no-nonsense technique for field-dressing a deer is illustrated with step-by-step field photography), and of course, using the game in restaurant-worthy dishes, like Porcini Encrusted Loin, Meatballs with Cherry Barbecue Sauce, and a killer Leg Steak Sandwich with Bacon Jam and Blue Cheese.

Whether the reader is new to the hunt or a seasoned veteran, a home cook or gourmand, this fresh approach to venison cookery is a must-have kitchen companion. Buy It Here


Eat Wild Game
$37.41 Hardcover or $19.99 Softcover

Eat Wild Game
Author: Justin C. Townsend

In modern times, many people have lost the connection to their food. Eat Wild Game is the ultimate cookbook for those who wish to reconnect with their food in a delicious way. It was written with the hunter and home cook in mind. With meat harvested from across the North American wilderness, any hunter will appreciate the diversity of the recipes and the easy to follow instructions which allow anyone to prepare the perfect meal to honor their hunt.

Author Justin C. Townsend has been a hunter and angler since he was a child. After moving away from home to college where he was able to tune his culinary skills as a professional chef, Justin combined his passion for the outdoors and his love for food to create the online publication, Harvesting Nature, for which he serves as the editor-in-chief.

Available on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Eat-Wild-Game-Justin-Townsend/dp/1389463753/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1509625408&sr=8-2&keywords=eat+wild+game


Lake Fish – Modern Cooking With Freshwater Fish
Softcover $24.95

Lake Fish – Modern Cooking With Freshwater Fish

Author: Keane Amdahl

From classic panfish to Lake Superior ciscoes, the Midwest’s abundant freshwater resources offer a versatile protein source that creative home cook Keane Amdahl transforms in the pages of Lake Fish. The recipes are arranged by fish type, and include appetizers, and twenty-first century interpretations of soup and salad standbys like Midwestern Fisherman’s Stew and Smoked Trout Kale Nicoise.

Amdahl, who lives in Minneapolis, offers tips on purchasing, substituting, and preparing midwestern fish as a varied way to savor “seafood” locally and sustainably. Throughout 256 pages, and 100 recipes, Lake Fish encourages readers to experiment and thoroughly enjoy their catch of the day.

Published by Minnesota Historical Society Buy It Here



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