Thursday, February 2nd, 2023
Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

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What to buy the outdoorsman who has everything?

So, your outdoors person has everything and you do not know what to buy him or her for Christmas. Or maybe you just want some stocking stuffers. No problem. Read:

Outdoorsy folk need to carry some contingency items always, no matter whether hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, whatever. I list them below; they are the kinds of items that most of us are glad to have in duplicates, and you can assemble a small “kit” in a fanny pack or day pack, or just pick out a few for him or her to stuff in a field jacket. And you even can dress up the no-cost “homemade” items with marking pens on the bags if you need to add some holiday spirit.

A disposable butane lighter. A good compass. Fire starter [commercial item, or just a homemade plastic bag filled with drier lint and a book of matches for a no-cost/low-cost homemade gift item]. Small packets of toilet paper [don’t leave home without it; again, commercial packets or homemade packets using a plastic bag and sheets off a roll]. Some foil packets of antiseptic wipes. A small bottle of hand sanitizer.

A disposable-blade knife [the increasingly popular, small, compact, replaceable “razor” blade kind]. A small vial of ibuprofen [or acetaminophen or aspirin]. A pocket size first-aid kit. An emergency survival blanket [light, compact, waterproof]. A coil of paracord. A bandana. A collapsible cup. A small heavy-duty plastic spoon. The smallest available roll of heavy duty fiber-reinforced tape [comes in colors, found at any hardware store or aisle]. An elastic brace for knee or elbow. A small notepad and short pencil. And to put all the goodies in, a fanny pack or daypack.

You can buy as few or many of these items as your budget allows! Or save some ideas for birthdays. They are the indispensables, so they always will be welcome. Happy holidays.


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