Wisconsin Natural Resources Board approves wolf harvest quota of 275 animals

Dean BortzWisconsin hunters and trappers will see an increase in the timber wolf harvest quota and number of permits for the state's second wolf season that will open Oct. 15. The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board approved a quota of 275 wolves for the 2013-14 season. Of that number 115 tags – representing half of the wolf quota in the ceded territory – will be set aside for the state's six Chippewa tribes. That will leave a quota of 160 wolves for state-licensed wolf hunters and trappers.

Last season, the quota for state-licensed hunters and trappers was 116 wolves from a quota of 201 animals. Tribal council members did not issue any tags to tribal members for the 85 wolves set aside for the six tribes last year. A total of 117 wolves were harvested in the state's first modern-day season.

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