Help conservation: Buy a duck stamp today

Joe AlbertIt’s super easy to do something for conservation today: Buy a federal duck stamp. The 2013-’14 stamps, valid through June 30, 2014, go on sale today.

“Duck stamp sales are one of the traditional ways hunters and others give back to conservation,” Dale Hall, Ducks Unlimited CEO, said in a news release. “We encourage everyone, whether they hunt waterfowl or not, to buy a duck stamp to help conserve our precious wetland resources. Many duck hunters even ‘double up’ their contributions to this conservation effort by buying two stamps every year.”

Federal duck stamps cost $15 apiece, and 98 percent of that money goes directly into habitat. According to DU, since 1934, sales of federal duck stamps have raised more than $750 million that has been used to acquire more than 5.3 million acres of wetland habitat for the national wildlife refuge system.

And they would raise even more money, and conserve more wetland habitat, if the price was raised. That hasn’t been done in forever, and Congress has stifled attempts to do it, even though hunters and others – as they’ve always done – are asking for the increase.

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