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Louisiana Provides Dates for Deer Hunting with Dogs in Kisatchie National Forest

KNF Officials Must Survey Public for Opinions and
Render Decision to Finalize

Aug. 17, 2011 — The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission
(LWFC), in a special meeting to consider changing already
established still hunting dates to allow for deer hunting with dogs
in Kisatchie National Forest (KNF), today approved a motion for a
nine day period in December for that activity. KNF officials at the
meeting explained and answered questions regarding the US Forest
Service process.

“Because the federal ban on deer hunting with dogs on Kisatchie has
been reversed, the commission felt the issue should be reconsidered
in fairness to those hunters who choose to hunt deer with dogs,”
said Stephen Sagrera, LWFC chairman.

The dates approved by the Commission, Dec. 17 through 25, and would
pertain to the Catahoula, Winn and Kisatchie Ranger Districts and
the Evangeline Unit of the Calcasieu Ranger District.

“The Forest Service will proceed with addressing those deficiencies
identified in the previous process and will include opportunities
for the public to comment and participate,” said Michael Balboni,
KNF Forest Supervisor. “The goal is to make a new decision this

Commission action, taken as a declaration of emergency, was
necessary since the 2011-12 deer hunting dates recommended by the
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) had been
finalized following the public comment period provided from
February through May of 2011. LDWF had not included deer hunting
with dog dates as part of the proposed 2011-12 deer hunting season
due to a decision announced by KNF officials in the fall of 2010
that deer hunting with dogs would no longer be allowed on KNF

US Forest Service officials in Washington, D.C., reversed the
regional decision to discontinue deer hunting with dogs indicating
that the rationale used to make that decision was not sound. That
information was presented to the Commission at their Aug. 4 regular
monthly meeting, prompting a reconsideration of the 2011-12 deer
hunting dates already in place.

If deer hunting with dogs on KNF proceeds on the dates approved by
the Commission today, the permitting process for that activity, as
established by LDWF in 2010, will again be required for all hunters
during the Dec. 17 – 25 portion of the deer season on KNF.

For more information, contact Bo Boehringer at 225-765-5115 or or Jim Caldwell at 318-473-7168 or


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