ID: Southwest Region Fishing Information

Winter Fishing Report

Updated: March 28, 2011

This report highlights a few of the best places to fish, what
anglers are using and what they are catching. The information is
compiled from regional Fish and Game fishery managers, local tackle
shops and anglers.

Boise River:

River levels have been on the rise as water managers make room
in the reservoirs for spring runoff. Anglers are still trying their
luck, despite the flow but waders might want to be especially
careful. The river will likely become unfishable and dangerous for
wading for some time this spring when flows are brought up from the
current levels.

C.J. Strike Reservoir

Anglers Note: The spillway area on C.J. Strike Dam will be
closed to public access from March 30 to about June 30. The closure
is for public safety while spill is occurring this spring and to
accommodate equipment in the spillway that will measure fish losses
during high flows. Access to other parts of the dam for angling
will still be permitted. Anglers should contact Idaho Power Company
if they have questions.

Between rainstorms and gale force winds, the fishing has been
pretty good recently.

Rainbows – Trout anglers are still smiling. Fishing has been
good for rainbows 14 to 19 inches from the bank and boats. Most
bank anglers are using worms and marshmallows fished on the bottom.
The hotspots for bank anglers are from the dam on the lake side
near the turbine intake, on the north side of the dam near the
Idaho Power North Park, and below the dam anywhere between the
turbines and the bridge. Fishing has been generally good anywhere
from the bank with a sand or gravel bottom. Bank anglers have been
having the best luck between sunrise and 10 a.m., and between 3
p.m. and dark. Anglers wanting to fish out of boats should troll
small Rapala type lures, preferably gold or green. Anglers should
try trolling their lures within 6 to10 feet of the surface.

Yellow Perch – Consistent catches are becoming more common.
Anglers should try small pieces of cut bait and fish close to the
bottom in 15 to 20 feet of water. The perch have been running a
little small, about 8 to 9 inches on the average. The most
consistent catches have come from fishing off the spillway between
sunrise and about 10 a.m.

Crappie – They have been difficult to catch from the shore; a
boat is almost required. Crappie can be found in about 30 to 3 feet
of water close to the bottom. Most of the strikes are subtle,
making fishing during even the slightest breeze challenging. A fish
finder should make finding them relatively easy. Some anglers
indicated that they needed to watch their fish finders closely to
help them stay on top of the slowly moving schools of fish. Anglers
are using standard crappie jigs, color seems to make little
difference. If someone is not familiar with the lake or is just not
sure where to go, tell them to look for multiple boats anchored in
the same area. Just remember, it’s a big lake and there are a lot
of crappie and fishing areas to go around!

Smallmouth Bass – Fishing is fair, with an occasional
improvement between storms. Anglers focusing on bass should be able
to catch 10 to 12 fish during most full days of fishing. The bass
that are being caught are large – averaging around 2 pounds each.
At least one 6-pound largemouth bass was caught recently. Fish
rocky shoreline areas that get direct sun where the water should be
the warmest most of the day. Use plastic baits (tubes, grubs, etc)
in dark colors fished slowly. A few fish are being caught on
crappie colored lures like rattle traps or chrome spoons, but
again, fish them slow and relatively deep (15 to 30 feet) if the
sky is cloudy and air temps are cool. On sunny warmer days, fish
closer to the bank. When the daytime air temps hit 60 degrees for a
few days in a row, the bass fishing will improve a lot.

Snake River

Sturgeon – When folks ask how the sturgeon are biting, tell them
if they are really patient they should get at least two or three
good opportunities (bites) a day to catch a sturgeon. Most anglers
are using crappie for bait. The river is running high so anglers
should plan on bringing their big sinkers.

Area Ponds

Fishing in the Boise area ponds has been good. Riverside Pond is
popular as is Park Center. Eagle ponds are having light pressure,
although the river here is producing some trout at Eagle bridge and
above. Duff Lane pond has been good for trout this week. Powerbait
and worms are working.

Trout are stocked every two weeks or so. These waters also
contain warmwater fish including bluegill. See the Family Fishing
Waters link below to find the nearest pond.


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