IL: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 25

Region I

A District 7 officer was walking the Peoria Sanitation Property and
observed a fresh blood trail that led to a gut pile. The officer
followed the drag marks to the Illinois River. The officer believed
that the subjects were accessing the property by watercraft. The
officer made several contacts with individuals who worked along the
river. He provided them with his card and asked for them to call if
any boats were observed. The officer then began observing the
property daily. While walking the property he received a call of a
boat in the Kickapoo Creek. He then found four subjects hunting the
property without permission. The subjects were charged with hunting
without permission and unlawful take of the deer.

A CPO located the owner of an abandoned vehicle found in one of
Snakeden Hollow SFWA parking lots. The owner claimed to have left
the vehicle on site overnight due to a flat tire, although when
observed that morning no flat tire was apparent. Several empty beer
cans where found in a nearby trash can.

A Region 1 CPO received a trespassing complaint and located two
subjects shooting rifles on railroad property. Both subjects were
arrested for criminal trespass and issued a mandatory court

A CPO assisted the region captain with a hunting accident which
occurred in Ogle County. The victim, while bowhunting for deer,
fell from a treestand.

While working in a poaching/dumping complaint area, a CPO saw a
vehicle drive down and park along the roadway. Pulling up behind
the vehicle, the CPO activated his emergency lights. Approaching
the vehicle, both occupants were found to be in possession of

A CPO did a follow-up search of the Rock River near Colona for a
boat that may have been in an accident the night before. Homeowners
reported hearing and seeing a boat hit a tree in the middle of the
river at 8:30 p.m. Multiple search units were called out and
conducted a search that night. No boat or persons were located
during this search. Speculation began to arise that it was a hoax
by local media. The CPO located evidence of a fresh break of
branches at the tree location of the river. Another CPO determined
the witness statements were valid. A local media person was taken
out in the boat and shown the impact location and interviews given.
It was explained to the media that a boat most likely did hit the
tree, but was okay, then continued on their way.

A Region 1 CPO received a complaint about someone placing bait on
their property. The CPO took samples of the mineral and the pile of
corn. The CPO posed as a hunter and finally caught the individual
hunting over the baited area. The individual stated that he did not
check to see if the bait was gone before hunting white-tailed deer.
The individual was cited for hunting over a baited area and
unlawfully making food available for white-tailed deer. He was
encouraged to apologize to the neighbor whose property he
unlawfully baited to avoid a trespassing charge. He has a mandatory
court appearance.

While patrolling for illegal night time hunters, District 1 CPOs
observed a pickup truck driving through a field along a creek.
Contact was made with the subjects after a short surveillance after
they had stopped their truck along the Elkhorn Creek in Whiteside
County. Subjects were fishing and tending illegal untagged bank
poles. One subject did not possess a fishing license. The other
did, along with drug paraphernalia and cannabis. Appropriate
enforcement action was taken.

A Region 1 CPO checked an archery deer hunter in Knox County who
did not have his hunting license nor deer permits on his person. He
had left them in his vehicle. He was issued written warnings for
license not in possession and for deer permit not signed/in

A District 6 CPO responded to a hunting- without-permission
complaint along the Sugar River within Winnebago County. The
investigation revealed two waterfowl hunters had navigated off of
the main channel of the river into a backwater slough. They were
hunting ducks and geese without the permission of the landowner and
were in violation. Under the definitions of backwaters in the state
Administrative Rules, permission must be obtained by the landowner
before accessing backwaters on private property when engaged in the
activity of hunting.

A Region 1 CPO investigated a hunter harassment complaint where an
elderly couple was scaring away deer while a hunter was sitting in
a ground blind.

A District 6 CPO checked waterfowl hunters and deer hunters. One
group of deer hunters from Las Vegas, Nev., were checked and found
they did not have a hunting license with them. A further check
found that they had printed off the wrong sheet when the licenses
were printed from the Internet. They were issued written

A District 1 CPO was called to a landowner’s property in Henry
County in reference to illegal hunting activity. The landowner
located a treestand and a trail camera on property nobody had
permission to hunt. The CPO removed the items and developed a
suspect. The suspect was interviewed. The suspect admitted he had
been hunting on the property the last three years. The suspect
stated he received permission to hunt the property once 20 years
ago. A check of the subject was conducted. It was discovered the
subject harvested a deer in January 2010 with a bow and arrow. The
subject did not have a hunting license or habitat stamp. The
subject was issued a citation for hunting without a hunting license
and a written warning for no habitat stamp, hunting without
permission and trespassing.

A District 1 CPO responded to a complaint from a couple that was
walking the trails of Franklin Creek State Park. The husband/wife
complainants advised that as they were walking down the trail, they
were met by eight large dogs that were unleashed and unsupervised.
The dogs barked and growled at them causing them to become alarmed.
The owners of the dogs then showed up on the trail and advised the
scared couple that the dogs would not hurt them as they gathered
their dogs and continued walking. The owners of the dogs were later
located at their residence in rural Amboy and were issued the
appropriate citation and warnings.

Region II

CPOs arrested two subjects for unlawfully hunting deer with a .22
rifle and a shotgun. They had shot a doe.

CPOs participated in the Grundy County Natural Resource tour, where
every 5th grader in the county toured Goose Lake State Park and the
Lodge Wildlife trailer.

CPOs worked the Fox River in Lake and McHenry counties for the
opening waterfowl season. They cited a waterfowl hunter for hunting
with an unplugged shotgun and another hunter for waterfowl hunting
without a hunting license. Additionally, they cited a non-resident
for fishing without a license and issued six written

Region IV

A CPO responded to a complaint of fisherman taking trout out of
season. He located five subjects at their campsite at Randolph
County Conservation Area. The subjects were in the process of
breading trout to fry for dinner.

A CPO and district sergeant were working coyote hunters near New
Athens when they encountered a subject sitting on the tailgate of
his truck with a loaded 10-gauge shotgun. When asked, the hunter
stated the dogs were on the track of a coyote and it was headed his
way. The appropriate action was taken.

A CPO was patrolling Coffeen Lake in the evening and observed three
male subjects on Foggy Point. As he was approaching the subjects,
one of them hollered to the others and asked, “Have you tried the
weed yet?” The CPO abruptly stopped and hid in the shadows
observing the subjects. He observed the vocal subject lighting
something in his hand three times in a manner that was conducive to
smoking from a hitter pipe. He made contact with the subjects and
found the one subject in possession of a hitter pipe and a small
baggie containing cannabis, and a feeder filled with alfalfa

A CPO was working the Youth Deer Season when he made contact with a
subject in possession of an 8-point buck that he had harvested that
morning. He had not tagged the deer.

A CPO responded to a complaint at Eldon Hazlet State Park involving
two archery hunters in a restricted area. The CPO located the
subjects and arrested them for several violations.

A CPO and district sergeant acted on a tip. The information
pertained to the illegal taking of a 10-point buck and an 11-point
buck in full velvet. They made contact with the subjects and seized
five deer racks, including the two mentioned, along with a bobcat.
No charges have been filed, pending further investigation and

Region V

A CPO assisted a 28-year-old deer hunter out of the field who was
suffering from dehydration. The subject phoned his father from the
ground blind he was hunting from on Burning Star Mine No. 5 stating
he was dizzy and light-headed. The father then was spotted by a CPO
as he was walking into the hunting area to find his son. The CPO
had just previously spotted the ground blind the subject was
hunting from and drove out to it with his father. The subject was
given water, candy and an apple by the CPO and after a few minutes
felt well enough to load up. The subject refused any medical
treatment and was given a ride out by the CPO.

A CPO caught two subjects in Wayne County who first “shined” a deer
from a truck, then shot it with a .270 rifle. The CPO seized both
the deer and the rifle. Both subjects were issued appropriate
citations (Nine citations, three written warnings).

A CPO caught a fisherman on Rend Lake with an over-limit of
crappies (27). The limit is 25.

A district sergeant and CPOs assisted Union County Sheriff’s
Department on three lost hikers. A three-hour search was conducted
in a remote area of the forest and all three were found and in good
medical condition. ATVs, foot searches and aircraft were used to
look for the hikers.

A CPO is investigating a man in Pulaski County who had shot a
bobcat at night near his barn. The man is claiming that the bobcat
appeared to be in a strike posture; therefore he shot and killed

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