Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

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Illinois bowhunters begin 2010 season with best opening harvest in five years

One consistent refrain has been heard statewide from Illinois
archery hunters concerning the opening weekend of the 2010 deer

The deer are moving.

A cool snap met hunters on the Oct. opener and continued through
Sunday. Many hunters apparently “got while the getting was good.”
According to Paul Shelton, DNR’s wildlife program manager, a total
of 5,304 deer were harvested in the first three days, compared to
4,186 in 2009; 3,577 in 2008; 2,158 in 2007; 3,323 in 2006; and
4,245 in 2005.

Harvest sex ratios were 72.3% female to 27.7% male, Shelton

“Keep in mind that some of the years being compared to do not
contain any weekend days, which means you’re comparing apples to
oranges,” he added.

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