Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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Illinois man to fish for $1million bass

A 49-year-old angler from Illinois will gett he chance to catch
a bass worth $1 million later this month on Lake Erie.

Here’s the pesse release from the event sponsor:

Michael Skidmore of Chicago has been selected as the winner of
the Early Times Kentucky Whisky “Reel in a Million” contest.
Skidmore, 49, was randomly chosen out of over 10,000 entries for a
chance to reel in a tagged bass that could change his life forever.
He will travel cross-country to Lake Erie in Buffalo, NY on Sept.25
for a chance to catch a tagged bass worth one million dollars.

Early Times will lend the help of Kevin Wirth, one of the
world’s top-ranked bass anglers, as his fishing partner for the
day. Together they will try to reel in 25 tagged-bass connected to
great prizes including the “Big Cash Bass” worth one million
dollars. In addition to the million-dollar tagged bass, Skidmore is
eligible to pull in the other 24 tagged fish which are connected to
prizes including a Triton bass boat, gift cards and fishing gear.
Regardless of whether Wirth or Skidmore catches the tagged bass,
all money and prizes will go to Skidmore.

“Everyone at Early Times is thrilled to have Michael as our
sweepstakes winner and hope he and Kevin have a million dollar day
on the water,” said Joe Murray, Brand Manager for Early Times
Kentucky Whisky. “Hopefully this weekend will be an experience that
Michael will never forget.”

Along with the chance to fish with Wirth for the tagged bass,
Skidmore will receive a custom fishing rod and reel along with a
tackle box from Early Times for her day on the lake. He will be
provided with travel and accommodations to Lake Erie.

“I want to thank Early Times for giving me this once in a
lifetime opportunity to fish with a professional angler and have
the chance to win a million dollars,” said Skidmore. “I am really
looking forward to spending the day on the lake with Kevin and
bringing home the million dollar fish.”

Skidmore and Wirth will launch Saturday morning, September 25,
at approximately 8:00 a.m. from NFTA Boat Harbor on Lake Erie. They
will have eight hours total on the lake to catch a tagged bass
before returning to the marina.

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