N.Y. farmer fined for poisoning eagles, other birds

Buffalo, N.Y. (AP) — A western New York farmer has been fined
$3,000 for killing two bald eagles, 35 geese and two crows by
illegally spreading a restricted insecticide on his cornfield.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation investigated
after two eagles were found dead near the Genesee River last fall.
The agency’s Wildlife Pathology Unit in Albany found the birds were
poisoned by Furadan, an agricultural pesticide that’s highly toxic
to waterfowl.

Investigators said earlier this week that the eagles most likely
ate other birds killed by the pesticide.

The poisoning was traced to the farm of Richard Sekoll of
Willing in Allegany County, where the other dead birds were found.
Sekoll pleaded guilty to violating state pesticide and fish and
wildlife laws.

Interviews revealed that Sekoll had applied an amount of
leftover Furadan to a cut sweet corn field in order to use up the
product. DEC Environmental Conservation Police charged Sekoll with
failure to maintain annual records for restricted use pesticide
application; failure to prevent the contamination of wildlife while
using or applying a pesticide; unlawful taking of a bald eagle
(adult bird); unlawful taking of a bald eagle (immature bird), and
37 counts of taking wildlife in contravention to the Fish &
Wildlife Law.

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