Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

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Walleye anglers have been kept busy on many area lakes. Leading
the way again this week is Cotton Lake, Big Cormorant Lake, Island
Lake, and Little Detroit Lake. Leeches and live bait rigs have
started working best in 10 to 15 feet of water, and limits have
been common on the right day. Panfish have also been on the bite.
Look to the shallows of Lake Melissa, Lake Sallie, and Cotton Lake
for bigger fish. Bass anglers are finding early season success near
docks and shallow, shoreline vegetation.

Early Bird Bait & Tackle (218) 847-9038


Boulder Lake and Island Lake continue to produce walleyes, but
in deeper water than a week ago. The majority of fish are now
coming from 10 to 15 feet of water, and leeches are working better
than minnows. Opening weekend bass reports have been limited,
although Island Lake gave up some good-sized smallmouth. On Lake
Superior, the anglers venturing out several miles are finding king
and coho salmon, as well as lake trout. Anglers fishing from shore
have found less success.

Chalstrom’s Bait (218) 726-0094


Walleye action continues to be very good on Shagawa Lake, White
Iron Lake, Basswood, and Low Lake. The most consistent catches have
come from 10 to 20 feet of water with leeches. Lake trout have
started to hit a bit more in the shallow water of Snowbank Lake and
Burntside Lake. Smallmouth bass action has been very good in the
shallows of most area lakes as well.

Skubie’s Bait Shop (218) 365-5358


Cannon Lake continues to produce a few walleyes along the
shallow shoreline areas. Leeches and nightcrawlers have started to
work better than minnows. The bass season started a bit slow, but
Shields Lake and Lake Mazaska gave up a few big fish. Look for
sunfish on Cedar Lake in 4 to 8 feet of water. Northern pike
continue to hit on most area lakes, but look to Roberts Lake for
bigger fish.

Faribault Bait and Tackle (507) 334-2768


Kern’s Bay and the Northern Lights Rapids are producing walleyes
on Lake Saganaga. During the day, vertical jigging over 30 to 50
feet of water has been most productive. During the evening hours,
you’ll find more fish in 10 to 15 feet of water. You’ll also find
lake trout on Saganaga. Anglers trolling spoons near the surface of
30 to 50 feet of water are finding more fish.

Buck’s Hardware (218) 387-2280


Round Lake is kicking out walleyes in 12 to 18 feet of water.
The established weed edges seem to be holding better numbers of
fish. The Mississippi River has also produced enough walleyes to
keep anglers busy. Splithand Lake is giving up crappies along the
reed edges and creek mouths. Sunfish reports have been limited.

Ben’s Bait and Tackle (218) 326-8281


Walleyes remain active, but they’ve been scattered at a variety
of depths. Jigs tipped with minnows are working best in shallow
water while live bait rigs or crankbaits have worked deeper. The
shallow reefs and shorelines have been especially good on windy
days and during lowlight periods.

Gateway Store (218) 875-2121


The Three Mile Bar and Outlet area have been the best bets for
walleyes in 9 to 12 feet of water. Leeches and spot tail shiner
minnows have worked best during the evening hours. The inlets and
shallow weeds are giving up crappies, and the sunfish are just
starting to show up in the pencil reeds of most bays. Miller Bay
has been the best spot so far. Bass anglers are finding numbers of
big fish along the shallow weeds.

Osakis Bait (877) 450-4647


The mouth of Everett Bay has given up numbers of eating-size
walleyes and quite a few big smallmouth bass over the past week.
Most of these fish are hitting jigs tipped with minnows and leeches
or crankbaits in 5 to 10 feet of water. There are a few larger
walleyes coming from 20 to 30 feet of water as well. Vertical
jigging has proved successful over deep water.

Everett Bay Lodge (800) 249-3178


Big Stone Lake has cleared up making the walleye bite tougher
than usual. Look to the islands area and the Hartford Beach area
during the evening hours for a few fish. Lake Oliver has produced
walleyes on spinners and leeches in 8 to 12 feet of water. The
Odessa area of the Minnesota River is a safe bet for northern pike
and a few walleyes.

Bud’s Bait (320) 839-2480


Big Sand Lake is a safe bet for walleyes in 14 to 18 feet of
water. Potato Lake has just started giving up walleyes in front of
the Condo’s in 14 feet of water. Fishhook Lake is the area’s best
bet for bigger northern pike. On Lake Itasca, the crappies and
sunfish have started hitting in 6 feet of water or less.

Delaney’s (218) 732-4281


Big and Little Pine lakes are safe bets for walleyes in 15 to 30
feet of water, but look shallower at night. Shiner minnows,
crawlers, and leeches are working best. Northern pike continue to
hit on most area lakes along the emerging vegetation. Star Lake,
Dead Lake, and Big Toad Lake are kicking out panfish in 12 feet of

Northside Bait & Convenience (218) 346-3153


The pattern really hasn’t changed much here. The most consistent
crappie catches continue to show up on days when it’s calm and
bright. When these conditions present themselves, the fish really
get active along the shallow shoreline areas and at the mouths of
most inlets and outlets of the lake. Small jigs tipped with minnows
are working best.

Rogers Campground (218) 647-8262, www.rogerscg.net


The best walleye reports continue to come from Lake Pepin.
Maiden Rock Flat, Bay City Flats, or the Head of the Lake have all
kicked out walleyes on crankbaits. Some of the backwaters on the
river are providing steady sunfish and crappie action.

Four Seasons Bait Shop (651) 388-4334


Rice Lake, Lake Koronis, and Horseshoe Lake continue to give up
walleyes in 10 to 15 feet of water. Crankbaits, nightcrawlers, and
leeches have worked best. Look to Beaver Lake and Grand Lake for
crappies in 4 to 10 feet of water. Northern pike continue to hit on
most area lakes, and the bass action has been very good as well.
Look for bigger bass on Pearl Lake and Grand Lake in 5 to 8 feet of

Mark’s Gas & Bait (320) 251-1567


Shallow running crankbaits are producing walleyes on Lake Emily.
On Lake Minnewaska, spinner rigs are producing walleyes on the main
lake bars and points. Bass have been very active in the shallow
water of Lake Minnewaska. Spinnerbaits have taken many of the
bigger fish. The Glenwood end of Minnewaska continues to kick out
crappies and the Starbuck Marina, also on Minnewaska, is a safe bet
for sunfish.

Minnewaska Bait and Tackle (320) 239-2239


The Prescott and Hudson areas of the St. Croix River are giving
up numbers of walleyes, but it takes some work. They’ve been
scattered from 4 to 24 feet so keep moving with crankbaits or live
bait rigs. Expect three or four fish from a spot and then move if
they quit biting. Big Carnelian was the area’s best bass lake over
the weekend, and there have been good-sized sunfish coming from the
shallows here as well.

Brothers Bait and Tackle (651) 430-2554

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