Protectionist to run for Dane County congress seat April 9


Madison The founder of a protectionist group called One Shared
Planet has declared his candidacy for a seat on the Dane County
Conservation Congress delegation.

Rick Marolt, of Madison, is the founder and executive director
of One Shared Planet. He will challenge incumbent delegate Jim
March of Verona for a seat that will become vacant when March’s
term expires April 9. March is the former DNR Southern Region
assistant director.

Marolt returned a call to Wisconsin Outdoor News, but declined
an interview.

“I’m not sure doing an interview with (WON) would be in my best
interest,” he said.

However, Marolt said he is running as an animal “protectionist”
who opposes hunting, fishing and trapping.

Marolt hopes to join Patricia Randolph, also of Madison, on the
Dane County congress delegation and expand the presence of animal
protectionists on that body.

Conservation Congress chairman Steve Oestreicher of Harshaw said
he does not expect Marolt to take over March’s seat.

“Jim is dedicated to conserving the natural resources of this
state and he has done an outstanding job for the congress,”
Oestreicher said. “We’re expecting another large turnout in Dane
County this year and I’m sure Jim will do just fine.”

Marolt outlined some of his views on a web site maintained for
One Shared Planet. The group’s web site address is

One that site, Marolt urges viewers to attend the April 9
hearings to vote for him and “save lives.”

“Two and one-half million wild animals are killed each year in
Wisconsin for recreation and profit, in accordance with the
explicit, written policies of the government we elect,” Marolt
writes. “Do you believe that it’s acceptable to kill sentient
beings, often with cruel methods, simply for the fun of it? Do you
believe that our government, funded by our taxes (and hunting and
fishing licenses), should actively promote killing for fun? If you
don’t, please attend the annual hearing of the Conservation
Congress in your county, and vote for policy and delegates who
share your views.”

Through the web site, Marolt contends that the Conservation
Congress’ “pro-killing bias” is institutionalized in the DNR
through “the explicit, written policies of the Natural Resources
Board, which promote hunting, fishing, and trapping.”

“The DNR clearly strives to serve the hunters, fishers, and
trappers in the state, and is not very interested in the views of
the rest of us. How does it do this? It organizes learn-to-hunt
programs. It sponsors free workshops through the University of
Wisconsin to teach young people how to fish. It co-publishes
pamphlets full of propaganda with the Wisconsin Trappers
Association. The former secretary of the DNR exhorted hunters to
fight against those who opposed a hunting season on mourning

Marolt posted a campaign statement on the web. In it, he states,
“I believe that killing for sport animals who play, learn, have
sophisticated nervous systems that feel pain, and who participate
in family and social relationships is barbaric and indefensible.
Science has proven that all life is interdependent, and that we
must learn to live within that interdependence if we hope to keep
our air, land, and water clean and sufficient for our needs.

“Human beings have too much power. This power makes us arrogant.
We believe that we are superior to all other beings, and that we
can use them for whatever purpose we choose, no matter how much
pain it causes them, and no matter how much it disturbs the
mechanisms of nature that took hundreds of millions of years to
produce such a rich and wonderful planet. But we are not superior
to them. We simply share this space with them. The damage we cause
to our own quality of life through pollution, urban sprawl,
overpopulation, destruction of communities, etc., is bad enough,
but the worst consequence of our arrogant, utilitarian relationship
with nature is that we deny ourselves the richness of a spiritual

“We wonder why our society is so violent. We get rabid about the
right’ to bear arms (the second amendment to the constitution is
far from unequivocal about this, but you won’t hear that from the
millions of brainwashed NRA members), and we appoint a DNR
secretary who talks about the need to expose children to the
wonderful experience of killing wild animals for fun. As we
tolerate 200 million guns in our society, we refuse to accept that
they might contribute to the highest murder rate in the world. Why
do we wonder about the violence in our society, when we actively
promote and enable it?”

The April 9 spring hearings will begin at 7 p.m. in each of the
state’s 72 counties. A change in proceedings last year moved the
election of delegates up to the first order of business. That will
continue this year. Results of delegate elections will be known
shortly after the voting.

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