District 12 – Mankato area

CO Joe Frear (Waseca) reports a serious snowmobile accident
occurred with a 15-year-old snowmobile operator being struck by a
car. It appears that the snowmobile crossed the road in front of
the car and was hit. The 15-year-old is hospitalized in critical

CO Jeff Fleming (Preston) continues to receive dog chasing deer

District 13 – Brainerd area

The Hill City CO investigated trespass and illegal burning
complaints. He also collected sick/dead owls.

CO Randy Posner (Brainerd) helped with training at the COC
Academy, worked predator hunters, investigated illegal burning
complaints, and had a Central Lakes College intern ride-along.

District 14 – St. Cloud area

Officer Paul Kuske (Pierz) reports an aeration system is also
now being used on an area lake and an inspection was completed.

The Albany officer has been concentrating efforts on fishing
activity and fish house and litter issues.

Officer Kathy Larson (Little Falls) reports enforcement efforts
concentrated on small game hunters (coyote), fishing activity, and

Officer Gary Sommers (Long Prairie) reports complaints of
snowmobile trespass activity in his area are on the increase.

District 15 – Mille Lacs area

CO Curt Rossow (Willow River) checked snowmobile activity in
Nemadji State Forest and handled car killed deer complaints. He
reports another juvenile left a fish house on the lake. Houses have
been used as party houses, there have been litter problems
associated with them and fish houses have been burned on the

CO Bradley J. Schultz (Mora) checked on a couple wetland
complaints, and removed a opossum from a deck. He also assisted
with a vehicle through the ice on Ann Lake, took care of a couple
deer that were hit by a snowmobile, and checked for litter on the
ice of area lakes.

District 16 – Metro west

CO Steve Walter (Waconia) investigated a report of several dead
pheasants and found that the cause of death was likely a
combination of the freezing rain, wind, and crusted snow.

CO Rick Reller (Buffalo) worked on contacting owners of fish
house left on lake accesses. He also worked on several trespass

District 17 – Metro east

CO Ross Opsahl (Eagan) responded to an injured deer call. The
deer had been attacked by a dog(s) in New Market Township. The
adult deer had no hair left on its tail, only a bloody bone. Its
hindquarters and neck had been chewed. The deer had to be shot.

CO Jason Jensen (Forest Lake) made one warrant arrest on the ice
of Big Marine Lake where the owner fled and was later arrested.

District 18 – Rochester area

Officer Larry Webinger (LaCrescent) reports a local 8-year-old
fought a fish for over an hour that turned out to be a 40-pound
lake sturgeon that he then released.

Officer Tyler Quandt (Red Wing) is getting reports of sick
raccoon and other predators in his area.

Officer Bob Wallace (Plainview) reports that there was a
snowmobile fatality in Wabasha County. He is investigating reports
of snowmobiles chasing deer in the St. Charles area.

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