Getting the most from the Deer Classic

If you are one of the thousands of people who attend the
Minnesota Deer Classic on March, 16, 17 and 18, here are some tips
for getting the most out of the show.

Few people come to the show alone. Getting together with buddies
or family to go to “The Classic” is an annual rite for many. The
problem with groups (even a group of two) is that rarely will
everyone in the group be interested in the same things. So staying
together means that Joe sits through a seminar he’s interested in;
Pete, the non-bowhunter has to hang out while you and Joe look at
the new archery equipment; then you and Joe are bored silly while
Pete examines a new muzzleloader.

A better option? Pick a rendezvous point and time, then go your
separate ways. A concession stand is my favorite meeting place. I
can have a cold drink and one of those big pretzels while I

Set more than one time to meet. “OK guys, let’s meet here at the
concession stand at noon, 2 p.m. and 4.” That way you get to spend
some time doing your own thing, but you also have the option of
joining your buddies for part of the show.

Build a schedule around the seminars. That may sound self
serving since I conduct seminars at this year’s show (and would
like to see you there), but I would offer the same advice even if
it were Curt Wells and Scott Nielsen up there on stage dishing it

The reason I build my show schedule around the seminars is
that’s what draws me to a show. If not for the opportunity to learn
more about whatever the seminar subject happens to be, I would not
bother going to the Minnesota Deer Classic or any other show. I’ve
never been to a good seminar where I did not learn something.

Say for instance that you will attend the show on Saturday and
are interested in attending both of my seminars. Since I’ll be
giving my seminar titled “Rattling, Calling & Decoying Really
Work” at 10 a.m. and presenting my other seminar, titled “Calling
and Hunting Predators in Minnesota” at 1 p.m., you highlight those
on your show schedule and work in everything else around them.

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