Big Six


East – The daily walleye bite has been limited to the early
morning and evening hours. Look to the edges of the mud flats in 30
to 36 feet of water. These areas have also been producing the best
perch action, which has been much more consistent than the walleye
bite. Stay on the move until you hit a school of active fish.

Johnson’s Portside (320) 676-3811

West – Walleyes and perch continue to come from the deep sides
of the mud flats. Seguchie’s Flat, the 7-Mile Flat, and 8-Mile Flat
have been a few of the better spots this week. Walleyes have bit
best early and late in the day, and often after dark. Perch are
more active during daytime hours. There have been a few tullibee
caught off the flats as well.

Terry’s Boat Harbor (320) 692-4430

Tutt’s Bait & Tackle (320) 692-4341


Anglers along the south shore have started to find better
numbers of jumbo perch in 32 to 34 feet of water. The best walleye
reports are coming form 18 to 25 feet of water on this end of the
lake. There have been several reports of sauger, which have run
better sized recently, coming off the south end as well. At the
Northwest Angle/Islands area, you’ll find a mixed bag of walleyes,
sauger, and jumbo perch in 30 feet of water. Gold jigs or jigging
lures have been the hot color again this week.

Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau

(800) 382-FISH


The only bite of any concern on Leech this week is the eelpout
action. With the annual Eelpout Festival this weekend, it’s worth
noting that there have been some decent reports of eelpout biting
in 25 to 40 feet of water. Glow jigs and spoons have worked best.
Walleyes and other “rough fish” have been tough to find.

Leech Lake Guide Coalition (218) 547-3212


Fish any weed edge with a sucker minnow in 15 feet of water and
you’ll find plenty of northern pike. Walleyes have become
nonexistent, but there are a few crappies biting during the evening
hours in 30 feet of water. Numbers of smaller sunfish have been
easy to catch on top of weed flats.

Wayzata Bait (952) 473-2227


The reefs on the far east end of the lake are your best bet for
bigger walleyes. The deep edges off these reefs have provided
plenty of good-sized walleyes. Sand Bay is giving up numbers of
smaller walleyes. The Rainy Lake City area continues to produce
numbers of northern pike in the 12-to 15-pound class. The Manitou
area of the Rainy River has given enough walleyes to keep anglers
busy, but crappie action has been slow throughout the entire

Loon’s Nest (218) 286-5850


The bigger perch have started hitting off Tamarack Point, in
Haubrich’s Bay, and off a few of the main lake bars. Regardless of
where you fish, you need to keep moving in 20 to 24 feet of water.
There have been a few more walleyes showing up with the perch in
recent days as well. Northern pike have been an easy catch
throughout the entire lake.

Pines Resort and Campground (218) 246-8546

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