New Jersey hatchery stocks record 5 million fish in 2017

Hackettstown stocked 308,808 northern pike in 2017. (NJDFW photo)The Hackettstown State Fish Hatchery in Warren County stocked a record five million cold-, cool-, and warm-water fish consisting of 15 species in 2017, Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin announced this week. The fish, totaling 5,082,841 with a total weight of more than 26,000 pounds, were produced at the location…

In Washington, Black Friday fishing for nice-sized trout

(Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife)OLYMPIA, Wash. – The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is offering anglers opportunities for tight lines rather than long lines on the day after Thanksgiving, the agency said in a news release. The “holiday specials” include thousands of large trout averaging 15 to 16 inches in length and weighing up to three pounds. The…

In Iowa, fall is the time for urban trout stocking

It’s that time of year in Iowa. Trout-stocking time of year. Yes, in October and well into November. Seventeen lakes across Iowa are gearing up to receive trout this fall. The Iowa DNR will release between 1,000 to 2,000 rainbow trout at each location as part of its cool weather trout program that brings trout to areas that cannot support…

Stocking rainbow trout on the Vermillion River

Farmington, Minn. — Crews from the Minnesota DNR’s East Metro Fisheries office stocked 3,000 11- to 12-inch rainbow trout into several runs of Dakota County’s Vermillion River this morning, Friday, April 7. For story, photo gallery, click here. Categories: Fishing, Minnesota Videos, Nature Tags: Fish, Fishing, Minnesota, Minnesota DNR, Stocking, Trout, Vermillion River

Steelie stocks shifting

Ohio Division of Wildlife has had to use its “Plan B” for the agency’s steelhead fisheries program in 2015 and 2016, and might again in 2017 if Michigan’s Little Manistee strain of steelhead trout remain uncooperative.