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Monday, April 15th, 2024

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Ratchet Straps: The Blessing and the Curse

(Sponsored content) — Ratchet straps suck. There. We said it. Using ratchet straps can be like going to the doctor—always taking up more of your day than you were planning, never being a pleasant experience while your there, and will lead to bad news if you never go.

Ratchet straps are an annoying yet necessary tool for anyone who needs to secure cargo during transport. They offer a strong, versatile, and adjustable way to keep loads from shifting during transport. However, any of us who have used ratchet straps for a while know the frustration of dealing with ratchet straps.

They’re always tangled when you need them, there’s always loose ends flapping in the wind, and despite all your best efforts, they keep getting wet, corroded, and damaged, forcing you to buy new ones over and over again.

We have work to do. None of us have the time to untangle a bucket of straps every time we need to go somewhere. And surely none of us need to buy any more ratchet straps.

Behold—an accessory has arrived to reintroduce sanity into our lives. Strap Lizard is a simply designed, innovative accessory designed to address common problems and enhance the overall usability of your ratchet straps. That’s right, Strap Lizard uses your existing ratchet straps. Here’s how this one-of-a-kind tool can redeem your long-fraught experience securing cargo:

  1. Effortless and Protective Organization and Storage:
  • Eliminates Tangled Straps: Strap Lizard is as simple (and as necessary) as a fishing reel. Imagine trying to fish with 100 feet of loose fishing line, or even worse, imagine having to untangling it. Strap Lizard acts as a dedicated reel for your ratchet strap. Simply wind the excess strap with Strap Lizard’s handle, eliminating the mess that often occurs when ratchet straps are stored loose. Strap Lizard will save us all time, frustration, and at least a few choice words when we’re just trying to get out the door and on the road.
  • Compact, Organized, and Protected: Strap Lizard is a tiny New York studio apartment for your ratchet strap for a fraction of the price. It keeps your straps neatly organized, reducing their overall footprint. Unlike loose straps that take up space in a bag or truck bed, Strap Lizard allows for compact and efficient storage in your toolbox, truck bed compartment, or trailer. Straps also stay protected from the elements like UV light from the sun, rain, snow, and any chemical residue you may have dripping around your shop. Strap Lizard contains up to 16 feet of 1000lb capacity strap, ensuring you won’t be back at Home Depot for the 9th time that day to replace a damaged ratchet strap. You can experience efficient and tidy strap organization from start to finish with Strap Lizard.
  1. Increased Efficiency:
  • Faster Deployment: Imagine throwing your ATV on the trailer only to find your ratchet straps piled into a 5-gallon bucket. You spend an extra few minutes untangling your straps only to find some of them are missing the ratchet. You just want to get to the trail, but now you’re searching your garage for the missing ratchets. You’d be well on your way if you had Strap Lizard. With the strap wound up inside, you don’t have to untangle or hunt for missing pieces. No more time wasted untangling knots or sorting out a mess of loose straps. Simply grab your Strap Lizards loaded with your ratchet straps and load up.
  • Improved Efficiency: The ease of using Strap Lizard translates to increased efficiency, especially when dealing with multiple straps or frequent-use scenarios. Professionals who rely on ratchet straps for their work will appreciate the time saved by not wrestling with tangled straps day after day, job after job.
  • Eliminates Tying Knots: Eventually anyone can untangle a mess of ratchet straps, but then you must deal with excess strap once everything is loaded. You could make a spider web of knots, but that will require that much more time and thought when you could just wind them up and go! Strap Lizard is a cylindrical home for the loose end of your ratchet straps, eliminating the need to tie creative knots, and preventing your strap ends from coming undone at highway speeds, providing you with a little more peace of mind and less time checking your mirror during your trip.
  • Protects the Strap Material: In addition, loose and flailing straps can get damaged during transport, especially at highway speeds when they are at the mercy of strong highway winds. Since Strap Lizard keeps the excess strap protected in its shell, your straps stay out of the elements, reducing the chance of your straps shredding or fraying, and potentially extending the lifespan of your ratchet straps.
  1. Customization and Versatility:
  • Multiple Strap Compatibility: Strap Lizard is designed to work with ratchet strap widths up to 1-⅜ inches and up to 16 feet long (up to 1,000lb capacity). This ensures compatibility with the most commonly used ratchet straps on the market. Any brand’s ratchet straps that fit these criteria will work with Strap Lizard. A larger model is planned in the future to contain straps up to two inches wide, so be on the lookout in the near future if you are a two inch strap user!
  • Adapts to Different Needs: If you haul all sorts of cargo, you likely have gone through the trouble of cutting straps to length for certain items. While that can be a good MacGyver solution, Strap Lizard expands the functionality of your ratchet straps by making it just as easy to use a full-length strap on a small item as a larger item. Just keep the excess strap in the Lizard! Now you don’t need to weed through all your MacGyver cut straps for the right size. Just grab a Strap Lizard and it works for any load. What’s more, you can also only take out as much strap as you need when strapping down, so you don’t need to deal with 16 feet of strap when you only need 5. Strap Lizard can also be beneficial beyond cargo securing needs. You can use them with a kayak’s tow strap, or on a slackline at the park.
  1. User-Friendly Design and Easy Assembly:
  • Simple and Intuitive: The Strap Lizard is a straightforward tool with no complex mechanisms. As such, there’s very few moving parts and ergo few points of failure. Other market items like retractable straps can be helpful in certain situations, but once the retracting mechanism’s spring breaks, the entire strap is scrapped. Strap Lizard is simply a mechanical winding device, there’s no small spring to break, making it a durable and lasting product. And as a plus, since Strap Lizard’s design is so simple, it means using it is easy too. Anyone who can use a ratchet strap can utilize the Strap Lizard with ease.
  • Quick Assembly: The Strap Lizard requires minimal assembly. Just screw a few components together and you’re ready to go. And they work with your existing straps! You can be up and running with your organized and tangle-free ratchet straps in no time. Check out this video to see the full tutorial on how Strap Lizard is assembled.

Beyond the Core Benefits:

Strap Lizard offers additional advantages that contribute to a more positive experience beyond just hauling cargo:

  • Cost-Effective: Strap Lizard is a relatively inexpensive investment that can significantly increase your efficiency and improve the usability and lifespan of your existing ratchet straps. Instead of constantly replacing your damaged or dirty ratchet straps, Strap Lizard keeps straps dry and protected, saving you money in the long run.
  • Peace of Mind: All of us have experienced some cargo hauling anxiety. The last thing we want to see in our rear-view mirror is a dangling ratchet strap. Strap Lizard helps to provide peace of mind knowing your straps are wound up, protected, and less prone to accidental loosening during transport down busy streets and highways.
  • Professional Appearance: A clean and organized cargo control setup with Strap Lizards attached to your ratchet straps projects a professional image, especially for those who use them for work purposes. Whether you’re a contractor or in the trades, customers seeing the care you put in even the smallest details will grow their trust in you and your business for potentially years to come.
  • Made in the USA: Strap Lizard is proudly manufactured in the USA because we value supporting our community and local economy. Not only is Strap Lizard made in America, every component, from the screws to the roll pin, is sourced in America as well. We also value providing the highest quality product possible, ensuring that quality control occurs in-person, not over a zoom call with a rep overseas. And Strap Lizard is not a cheaply 3D printed device. Each one is plastic injection molded by our local business partner using the same plastic resin used in many ATV accessories and components. This process allows for optional customizations like color and logo once certain quantity thresholds are reached.

The Strap Lizard: A Valuable Addition to Your Cargo Control Arsenal

So, while we did say “ratchet straps suck,” we think they have potential. If you’re a working professional, trade business owner, a weekend warrior who enjoys DIY projects, or just someone who occasionally needs to secure cargo for transport, Strap Lizard makes ratchet straps suck WAY less. By eliminating tangled straps, promoting organization, and streamlining your loading/unloading processes, Strap Lizard can significantly improve your experience with ratchet straps.

Considering its affordability, user-friendliness, and the many other benefits it provides, Strap Lizard is a valuable addition to any cargo control toolbox. So, next time you reach for your ratchet straps and, in agony, realize they’ve tangled themselves into a ball of polyester madness, consider adding a Strap Lizard to bring sanity to your ratchet strap game. Be sure to follow us on our social pages to get upcoming product release information.

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