Saturday, April 20th, 2024

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Saturday, April 20th, 2024

Breaking News for

Sportsmen Since 1967

Top new ice fishing tackle, gear for the 2023-24 season

Take a look at the new gear for the 2023-24 ice fishing campaign and it’s easy to get excited for the upcoming hardwater season.

Tungsten jigs and lures remain a priority for manufacturers, while some new additions and color schemes to already proven jigs and spoons should increase fishing productivity.

Glow jigs and spoons that make a lot of noise remain hot items, as are new rods and reels designed specifically for ice fishing. There’s also a bunch of new accessories that will complete your time on the ice. Here’s the lineup for this ice fishing season.

Snyders Lures Flash Dancer

The Flash Dancer is the latest Snyders Lure in a long line of proven fish-catching spoons.

It’s made with the best components in the U.S. and assembled with pride in Minnesota.

The Flash Dancer features a single hook, two custom blades for sound and vibration and comes in six Wonder Bread colors. The Flash Dancer is an 1⁄8-ounce narrow spoon with a slight bend for added action and two dangling custom blades for added attraction. The No. 4 hook is the perfect size for adding your favorite bait.

Acme Ice-Winder Spoon

Acme Tackle Company is introducing its new Ice-Winder Flutter Spoon in time for this season. When jigged with quick, short lifts of the rod, the Ice-Winder will dart upwards and fall with a fluttering action that imitates an injured or scared baitfish.

Slower jigging strokes allows the spoon to have a unique rocking motion that triggers stubborn fish.

The Ice-Winder is available in 1⁄8-ounce (No. 10 hook) and 1⁄4-ounce (No. 8 hook) sizes, with tied-feather treble hooks, and eight colors combinations, including glow Wonder Bread.

Clam Spoons

The Rattlin’ PT Spoon from Clam features the same slicing, fluttering action and loud rattles of the famous Rattlin’ Blade Spoon, but it’s taken to the next level.

The Rattlin’ PT Spoon has two stainless steel bearings that click and clack inside their Pyrex-glass housing. Life-like features and a vibrant, strong, painted treble hook lures fish in and entices them to be your next catch. It’s available in three different sizes ( 1⁄16-, – and ¼-ounce) and 12 colors. This might be the loudest lure you drop down a hole this winter.

ODN-2023IceGearReview from Bast Durbin Advertising on Vimeo.

The new Tikka Flash from Clam is a mini crankbait style lure that is perfect when targeting a variety of fish, including bluegills, crappies, perch and walleyes.

This lure will call fish in with its flashing, blade style tail, turning sniffers into biters with its enticing swimming motion and irresistible life-like features. The Tikka Flash is available in 12 glow and reflective metallic colors in three sizes ( 1⁄32-, 1⁄16-, and 3⁄32-ounce). Fish it with or without bait, it probably doesn’t matter.

Big additions from Rapala

For some ice anglers, getting your lure down faster isn’t fast enough, especially when there’s a giant and very hungry walleye or lake trout hovering under your ice hole, and that’s where the new Jigging Rap Magnum comes into play.

The Jigging Rap Magnum falls fast and true and helps ice anglers get on fish faster. Its heavy-weighted body (1 1⁄8-ounce) and large profile makes it a great choice for vertical jigging. It allows anglers to easily reach depths down to 100 feet in a matter of seconds for hard-to-get-to fish located in deep water.

The Jigging Rap Magnum is built with a durable one-piece body and fin design that allows it to take a beating and keep on catching. On the business end, a built-in, heavy-duty swivel on the belly holds a large, super sharp No. 5 VMC black nickel treble hook, which is complemented by a large VMC black nickel single tail hook.

It comes in 15 color patterns, that allow anglers to match a number of baitfish and the lure’s colors are complemented by realistic glass eyes. The new Jigging Rap Magnum is available in No. 7 and its body length measures 2 3⁄4 inches.

The Rapala Slab Rap and Ultra-Light Rippin’ Rap, staples in ice fishing arsenals, are now available in four hot new colors: Fruit Punch, Glow Pink Squirrel, Glow Slimy Lime, and Headspin.

Slab Raps are designed with a sleek, streamlined profile and fall with a less aggressive, finesse-style flutter. The Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap is just like its big brother, the Rippin’ Rap. It packs a powerful punch, despite its size. This loud, rattling lipless lure, which features a textured scale, deep belly body, offers hardwater anglers a tantalizing flutter on the drop.

VMC Spoons and Jigs

When the days turn cold and the nights get even colder, turn the heat up with VMC’s Tungsten Mongo Jig and Tungsten Tubby Jig. Both are available in four new colors: Glow Juicy Lucy, Glow Metallic Rainbow, Glow Metallic Red, and Glow Black Wonderbread.

These new colors feature VMC’s exclusive Ultra Glow finish that allows the Mongo and Tubby jig heads to be seen even in the darkest of waters – perfect for attracting finicky crappie, bluegills, perch, walleye, and other species.

The Tungsten Mongo Jig is a fast-dropping tungsten jig head that provides a smaller profile combined with a super sharp VMC X-Long Power Gap hook. The Tungsten Tubby Jig is a heavy density tungsten jig that delivers a soft plastic bait or live bait to the strike zone faster. Both feature a sharp VMC Power Gap hook and a 90-degree hook eye to ensure the optimal horizontal position. They’re available in two sizes, 1⁄32- and 1⁄16-ounce.

The new VMC Tungsten Larv Eye Jig provides precision vertical jigging with a design that also maintains a 90-degree presentation.

This new jig features an exclusive super sharp VMC Power Gap hook and an oversized 3D holographic eye and is available in 16 colors, all that feature Ultra Glow, a special finish that allows the jig head to glow in dark water for up to 15 minutes.

VMC also is doubling down on its spoon offerings by including four new colors in its Tumbler and Tingler Spoon lines. With these new additions, VMC offers a total of 14 colors in its Tumbler Spoons and 17 in its Tingler Spoons.

Both spoons are proven winners, consistently putting fish on the ice for anglers throughout hardwater country.

Last, but certainly not least, VMC is proud to partner with ice fishing guru and professional guide Tony Roach to introduce the new Rattling Roach Spoon.

The Rattling Roach Spoon features an intense fluttering action combined with an exposed rattle chamber to deliver maximum sound vibrations. Combine that with 16 eye-popping colors, a marabou teaser tail and a holographic eye, and you’ve got a bait that walleye, jumbo perch, crappie, lake trout, northern pike, and a number of other species cannot deny.

To give hardwater anglers an additional edge, 14 of the 16 Rattling Roach Spoon finishes feature an Ultra Glow finish and three feature a UV Bright finish. It’s available in four sizes and each Rattling Roach Spoon features a super sharp VMC treble hook.

Sufix tip-up braid

When it comes to ice fishing, all of the action usually comes down to the last 2 feet. It’s here, where you’re trying to navigate your catch through an augered hole, that your fishing line must not fail. It’s those final 2 feet of fishing line that separate you and a fish on the ice.

That’s when you need Sufix Performance Tip-Up Ice Braid, which is now available in a new spool size, 150 yards, and its made with high tenacity polyester braid known as HTP.

This provides exceptional abrasion resistance, durability, low stretch, and diameter-to-strength ratios. The line’s Hydro Fusion Process ensures fast-sinking speed, low memory, and exceptional cold weather handling.

The new spool size comes in black and is available in 15-, 20-, 30-, and 50-pound test. Performance Tip-Up Ice Braid also is available in a 50-yard spool.

New tip-up From Vexan

The new Vexan Tip-Up is designed to be the easiest and fastest deploring tip-up on the market. The inverted “V” shape construction houses line and tackle completely inside the unit and also provides a solid and durable platform on the ice.

The Hi-Vis green color makes it easy to spot so other ice anglers can steer clear while the reflective, telescoping flag alerts you when a fish bites. With the spool and flag encased in the outer shed; when stored, there are no more tangled hooks making packing in and out a breeze.

Eskimo Accessories

Eskimo is offering an expanded lineup of shelter accessories. The new E-Hub system includes five new swappable items, designed to mount in hub shelters using the existing nut and bolt on the hub.

A locking clip on the back of the mounting plate will hold each accessory in place and provide additional stability.

The new accessories include a table, rattle reel, rod holder, phone holder, and camera mount. An additional two-pack of E-Hub bases also will be offered to allow for multiple mounting locations throughout hub shelters, or other locations with self-tapping screws. Additional accessory offerings include a shelter seat organizer and gear net.

Lakewood Products Vault

Lakewood Products, a leader in premium archery, shooting, and tackle storage solutions, has a new member to their popular open water and ice fishing series.

The Vault is the ultimate storage option and is ideal for any angler chasing any species of fish. The Vault allows you to store lures in a hanging design to help eliminate tangled and damaged lures, while offering protection and organization with removable/adjustable dividers for hanging lures.

The Vault is very versatile, coming in three heights. It will accommodate most lengths of lures. The Vault also features a labeling system and mesh bottom, which is crucial in helping keep those baits and lures from rust as it allows drainage and air flow after a day on the water.

Heavy duty ABS construction makes this case the ideal storage solution and double webbing carry handles make transport a breeze.

Eagle Claw rods & reels

Looking for a high-performance ice rod that combines a custom look and feel? The new CRYO Series ice rods from Eagle Claw are setting a new standard, delivering unparalleled quality at a price point for everyday anglers.

Everything about the CRYO Series screams “custom,” except the price.

It all begins with the lightweight, high-grade carbon graphite blank. This foundation not only ensures a robust and durable rod, but also delivers precision sensitivity, allowing anglers to feel every movement of the jig beneath the ice.

The CRYO series also features stainless steel fly style guides, which significantly reduces the rod’s overall weight, while enhancing its performance. CRYO Rods also include a custom handle design that forgoes a traditional reel seat, so you have the freedom to position your reel exactly where you want it and Eagle Claw added a high-visibility tip to ensure that even the slightest bites are detected.

While crafting the CRYO Series of ice rods, Eagle Claw built a reel that lives up to the same high standards. The CRYO spinning ice reels are an ultra-lightweight ice fishing workhorse.

A spinning reel may boast many impressive features, but a frozen reel is as good as a paperweight when temperatures plunge below zero. With the new CRYO Spinning Ice Reels, the coldest conditions are not an obstacle. A meticulously refined lubrication system provides unmatched performance even in bone-chilling frozen environments.

Equipped with “6+1” ball bearings, the CRYO reel hits the sweet spot between performance and affordability. The smooth retrieve and dependable drag remain exceptional, regardless of the mercury’s descent. It’s available in sizes five and eight, and these reels ensure perfect balance when paired with any CRYO Carbon Ice Rod series model.

Building on the CRYO line, Eagle Claw also created an inline ice reel that embodies the quality, precision, and affordability that is CRYO. The CRYO Trigger Inline Ice Reel is a super lightweight reel designed for all day comfort.

The CRYO Trigger Inline Ice Reel is fitted with a ceramic line guide, which promises butter-smooth, line off-the-spool operation and reducing line twists.

A reliable drag system operates smoothly, ensuring no hiccups occur during your most crucial moments. This reel features a spool tension system meticulously calibrated for optimum jig control.

Weighing a mere 7.6 ounces and offered in right or left-handed models, these reels form a seamless team with any CRYO Carbon Ice Rods series model.

Rods and reels from Clam

The Misago spinning reel by Clam features all the top components ice anglers are looking for in one reel. It’s incredibly smooth with a “9+1” ball bearing system, Multi-Disk Teflon Drag System, and graphite wide rotor and chrome steel ball bearings. No matter the species, this is a premium reel designed specifically for ice fishing.

The Clam Spooler Elite Reel has been very popular with ice anglers for many years. New for this ice season, the Clam Ice Spooler Elite Reel features a shallower spool, so anglers use less line spooling their reel, its improved 2.3:1 gear ratio, and is now available in three colors.

The new Tatsumi Combo from Clam has as many features as possible packed into this rod and reel: a “5+1” bearing system that provides incredibly smooth operation is paired with an ultra-sensitive carbon blank and a skeletal reel seat for extra sensitivity and more! The Tatsumi simply provides unmatched sensitivity and feel.

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