Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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‘Raccoon Raffle’ will be part of Illinois Trappers Association’s lone fur auction

Auctioneer Billy Bolen sells lot of raccoon and muskrat hides at a past ITA fur auction. (Photo by Kent Weil)

Springfield — The Illinois Trappers Association (ITA) will hold a single fur sale in 2023.

The sale will be held Feb. 18 at Krile Auction House on Route 32 in Strasburg. Doors will open at 7 a.m. and the sale will begin about 9 a.m.

The ITA will be holding several raffles, including the traditional raccoon raffle. To enter the raccoon raffle an individual must donate a fleshed and dried raccoon pelt that is 2X or larger. The pool of pelts is then auctioned. A winner is drawn and will receive one-half of the proceeds from the raffle auction – the other half goes to the ITA.

According to ITA officers, “In this day and age, fur buyers are becoming fewer and farther between. This auction is another way for trappers and hunters in the state to market their fur.” Because the ITA sale is set up in an auction format, a trapper or hunter benefits from having competition for their fur – rather than a single buyer. Rules of the Feb. 18 ITA auction are as follows:

• Animals must be skinned (the exception being bobcat or otter. They may remain unskinned but must have a CITES tag attached).

• All furs will be received and auctioned by order of lot number. You must be with your lot when it is called or you will be moved to the end of the sale.

• All fur will be sold in trapper-graded lots. All furs must be bundled with a lot number, the size of the pelts, and how many are in the bundle (if you need assistance grading your fur, ITA members will be available).

• If a seller chooses not to accept the bid(s) on their entire lot, there will be a $5 No-Sale fee.

• The seller must accompany and handle their fur throughout the entire process. The seller is responsible to verify the count and make sure paperwork accompanies the fur during the sale.

• If a seller represents another individual, they must have written verification in order to receive a check on behalf of that individual (if a person must leave the sale, they may designate in writing someone to represent them).

• No buyer may remove any purchased fur from the building until sellers have been paid by the buyer (green fur may be removed from the heated building to prevent spoilage – whether this is necessary will be determined at the time of the sale).

• Buyers must settle all accounts and have paid for all fur before leaving the premises.

• All buying and selling of merchandise other than fur is prohibited on the grounds. All fur that is consigned via the ITA will be offered and sold only by the ITA. There will be no side trading or sales, or parking lot deals. If this occurs both parties will be asked to leave and not return.

• All furs must be registered on a recreational hunting or trapping license.

• All commissions must be paid at the ITA booth before you collect checks from the buyers.

• All buyers must sign off on your lot of fur (if not you’ll be buying it twice).

For more information, contact ITA President Ryan Rule at 309-368-2523 or

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