Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

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Minnesota letters to the editor: Neonicotinoids and opinions on deer management

Steer clear of neonic-treated seeds for food plots

Kirk Schnitker’s column (Outdoor News, Jan. 6, 2023) was excellent regarding the indiscriminate poison neonicotinoids, which he notes has been banned in many countries and elsewhere for laying waste to wildlife the world over.

It has been known for years that this poison is killing or reducing reproduction of non-game and game species such as pheasants and deer in rural agricultural areas and urban areas alike. Years ago, local green houses stopped selling flowers and seed with this bee, butterfly/pollinator poison on it because customers would not buy it.

Also, let’s put wildlife first and keep up the pressure on any short-sighted conservation group and other profit-blinded retailers who often only respond to economic pressure instead of putting wildlife first. Don’t buy neonic-treated food plot seed for spring planting!

What good does it do to help fund the conservation groups we love when the seed you buy from them kills or injures the very wildlife it and you are trying to help?

While we’re at it, please contact your state representatives and senators and ask them to ban neonics for any use in Minnesota.

Mark Herwig White Bear Lake

Some solutions for the northeast

Regarding deer populations in northeastern Minnesota, Outdoor News letters to the editor have been consistent about the current issues. Who believes the population estimates of deer and wolves that the DNR comes up with? My trail cameras came up with four different deer and three different wolves over three months.

Though weather is an important factor, we have had bad winters before and still were able to see a positive future. Now, not so much. When is the last time there were doe permits available (in the northeast)? Probably the longest stretch since they started offering them.

Wolves are not the sole cause of deer (and moose) decline but are definitely a leading cause and easiest fix.

My opinion for some solutions: State leaders and the DNR don’t have the backbone to actually do what they can on this front. The “wolves are wonderful and we need more” crowd have too much sway, but these leaders and scientists need to be held accountable.

Also, tribal harvest of moose should not take place if state hunters cannot have a season, which would force the tribes to put pressure on politicians and DNR to increase moose numbers, which are heavily impacted by wolves eating calves – which would also increase deer numbers.

Have you noticed when (foresters) clear-cut an area, they try to make it a pine plantation? There’s not much for habitat improvement. Let nature take its course here; that’s solution No. 3.

The current plan of hope that the climate-change folks are right and have been promising southern Iowa weather for the last 40 years is not much of a strategy.

Kent Broscoff Howard Lake

Deer: Just feed ’em

If you live in the northern half of Minnesota and especially in the northeast, you should already be feeding the deer where it is legal. Don’t wait for the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association to do anything.

In the past, its record is not good when it comes to feeding deer.

The DNR will be against it as usual. If this winter goes on like it has been lately, there won’t be any deer in some areas. You don’t need fancy pellets! All critters are in for a really bad winter. Please don’t let them die over a few dollars worth of feed.

Tommy Stiles Henning

Where are the deer these days?

I have been hunting Minnesota deer for 60 years.

I read the articles in Outdoor News. The DNR has so many excuses as to why the deer harvest is down.

I will tell you why. Back in the early 1960s, there were 300-some wolves in Minnesota. Today, we have about 2,800. When northern Minnesota has deep snow, the deer herd up.

The cold weather makes the snow hard so the wolves can run on top of it, and the deer can’t – easy prey.

I have a simple solution: Let the hunters lay wolf traps for 2,000 wolves and watch the deer numbers come up. (Wolves currently are federally protected.)

In southern Minnesota, we have coyotes. Why do we see so many does without fawns? Coyotes. I have a simple solution: Put a bounty on coyotes.

As far as chronic wasting disease is concerned, no one heard about it years ago. It all started with farmraised deer. Ban farm-raised deer and CWD will disappear.

David Schultz Mankato

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