Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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Nocturnal bucks taunt hunters in Pennsylvania

Hockey Bari D
Photo edit by Bari D / Flickr.

The brave new world of hunting came into focus for me recently during the third period of a Penn State hockey game.

The young guy sitting beside me – who had spent most of that day in the Clinton County woods without seeing a deer – was staring at his phone.

Time was winding down in a tense tie game against despised Ohio State, we go on a power play … and he’s not watching the puck! He’s engrossed in his phone, shaking his head and cursing quietly.

I couldn’t stand it. “What are you looking at?”

His trailcam was sending him messages with images taken of big-racked bucks sauntering by his deer stand in the dark. The last one – a 12-point – almost sent him over the edge.

Turns out he didn’t see any shooter bucks in daylight during the season. Maybe he’ll run into one in January with his crossbow.

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