Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – July 29, 2022


Ashland Team/June

Warden Amie Egstad, of Bayfield, has been working on addressing complaints of ATV and UTV operators speeding along a route in the town of Bell between the Chequamegon National Forest and the village of Cornucopia. A citizens’ petition was started to close the road to ATV/UTV use. In working with local law enforcement officials, Egstad was able to identify some signage issues and met with a town supervisor on site to go over the issue. The supervisor was able to explain the issue at a town board meeting, and the town board ordered new signs and voted to continue to have the road open as a route.

Warden Phillip Brown, of Brule, followed up on a complaint of an individual using live bait in an artificial-only section of the Brule River. Brown was able to locate the individual and, with the assistance of warden Dave Sanda, of Superior, discovered the individual had the following violations: possession of three undersized trout, fishing with live bait in an artificial-only section of stream, did not have a fishing or inland trout stamp, hunted and fished under someone else’s license in Minnesota, drove with a suspended driver’s license, and engaged in these activities while all his Wisconsin DNR and Minnesota DNR licenses were revoked. Enforcement action was taken in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Warden Lynna Martin, of Bayfield, received a call from the Bayfield County Sheriff’s Department dispatcher of a bucket of live baby animals that were “in danger.” The call involved four raccoons that appeared to be around three days old. A deputy cared for the raccoons overnight while Martin made arrangements with a wildlife rehabilitation expert. The young raccoons were transported the next day. 

Warden Martin received information about a captive raccoon that was being brought to local bars and restaurants. Martin contacted the person with the raccoon, which was handed over without incident and taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Warden Martin was on patrol with local tribal wardens near the Gull Island Fish Refuge when they saw a vessel trolling 2,000 feet into the refuge. Upon contact, the two individuals said they were unaware they were in the refuge and had thought a previous boat owner had correctly put in the refuge line. Enforcement action was taken.

Spooner Team/June

Wardens Jesse Ashton, of Luck, and Bob Miller investigated a case near Amery involving an individual who possibly deer hunted without a license, and then purchased a license after harvesting a deer. The investigation showed the individual shot two bucks during the 2021 gun-deer season, and then had a friend buy a license and register the second buck in an attempt to legitimize the harvest. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Chris Spaight, of Grantsburg, was the first officer on the scene when he responded to a residence in southern Burnett County for a report of a burglary-in-progress. The suspected burglar was inside the home and, when approached, broke a window and fled on foot into the woods. The suspect had items from the house stacked by a stolen UTV allegedly used to get to the property. Wardens Dustin Gabrielson and Jesse Ashton, Wisconsin State Patrol troopers, and Polk County Sheriff’s Department deputies searched for the suspected burglar, who was located and apprehended at a later date.

Warden Jon Hagen, of Spooner, followed up on a complaint of an illegal aqua thruster on Gilmore Lake. Hagen inspected the device and spoke with the homeowner. Hagen did not observe any significant issues. However, Hagen did respectfully request the device be moved up 2 to 3 more inches from the bottom to fully ensure there was no lake bottom disturbance occurring.

Warden Hagen followed up on a call concerning a possible sick bear outside a residence on Stone Lake. Upon arrival, it was discovered the sow bear was moaning to communicate with her three cubs in a tree. The bears freely moved out of the area.

Warden Hagen responded to Webb Lake to assist with a crash involving two UTVs and four injured occupants. The crash occurred when the two UTVs collided head-on due to one of the UTV operators cutting a corner and taking the inside of the corner on the trail. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Pete Carlson, of Frederic, was on fishing patrol when he contacted a man at a boat landing. The man was found to be fishing without a license, fishing during revocation, operating a boat without having completed boating safety, no boat registration, no wearable life jacket in the boat, and operating his motor vehicle with a suspended driver’s license. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Joshua Loining, of Rice Lake, responded to a boat accident on Prairie Lake near Chetek. The operator was arrested for operating a motorboat under the influence of an intoxicant.

Warden Loining responded to a complaint of a person shooting Canada geese with a gun from a dock on Rice Creek near Cameron. Upon contact with the suspected shooter, it was determined he shot and killed one goose with a BB gun. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Dustin Gabrielson, of Webster, issued several citations for ATV and UTV operators traveling faster than posted speed limits. Gabrielson also issued multiple citations for speeds of more than 50 mph on roadways with a 25 mph speed limit. He also issued several citations for juveniles not wearing helmets while operating or riding as passengers on ATVs and UTVs. 

Wardens Gabrielson and Heath Hampton investigated a report of a fawn white-tailed deer being raised in the captivity of a home in Minong in Washburn County. The game wardens transferred the fawn to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Nick Al-Moghrabi, of Hayward, and Molly Detjens, of Wautoma, responded to several complaints of anglers suspected of being in possession of undersized bass. The wardens contacted the group of anglers and found a 6.5-inch bass in their possession. Further investigation led the wardens to two others at a different residence who were found to be in possession of four additional undersized bass. Enforcement actions were taken in both cases.

Woodruff Team/June

Warden Tim Price, of Eagle River, worked with local bear hunters and DNR Wildlife staff on a call where a bear cub was caught in an illegal cable restraint. Price was able to safely remove the cub from the restraint, assess its condition and release it on site. 

Warden Matt Meade, of Boulder Junction, and community service officers Matt Kozloski and McKenzie Grant patrolled for fishing activity. In one contact with a boat operator who was displaying expired registration, Meade also uncovered an undersized walleye in the vessel. Enforcement actions were taken.

Warden Tim Otto, and community service officer, Matt Kozloski, were on fishing patrol on the Pelican River when they took enforcement action against an individual for fishing without a license. In addition, the individual was found with a large amount of marijuana. That individual and a companion were arrested for drug offenses by the Oneida County Sheriff’s Department. 

Park Falls Team/June

Wardens Aaron Koshatka, of Hayward, and Al-Moghrabi were on patrol when they discovered two individuals fishing within the refuge below the Arpin dam in Winter. The wardens found neither individual had a fishing license, both were intentionally fishing sturgeon during the closed season, and both were found to be in possession of illegal drugs and paraphernalia. The wardens took enforcement actions.

Wardens Kurt Haas, of Medford, and Kevin Christorf, of Clark County, investigated a complaint of two adults and a juvenile netting walleyes below a dam in Price County. The wardens learned the individuals had netted several walleyes and later took those walleyes and stocked them in their private pond. Enforcement action was taken. 

Antigo Team/June

Wardens Brad Dahlquist, of Antigo, and Andrew Bauknecht investigated information pertaining to several suspicious deer registrations by an individual who resides in Langlade County. The wardens found this individual had committed several violations, including over-bagging bucks with archery equipment, harvesting an antlerless deer without an authorization, failing to register deer, and providing false information to the DNR pertaining to false registration information for eight deer. Also, during the wardens’ investigation, it was determined an individual who resides out-of-state committed several violations in Langlade County, including over-bagging on bucks with archery equipment, harvesting antlered and antlerless deer without authorizations, and failing to register deer. Enforcement action was taken against both individuals, including fines and seizures of several items. 

Warden Curt Butler, of Merrill, was patrolling along Hwy. 17 when he saw a UTV operator approach the highway, then paused for a few minutes before proceeding to operate illegally on the highway. Butler conducted a traffic stop and found the operator was under the influence of an intoxicant. Enforcement actions were taken for operating under the influence and operating a UTV illegally on a state highway.


Green Bay Team / June

Warden James Moore, of Kewaunee, was working at Peninsula State Park when he responded to a domestic disturbance call at a campsite at the Tennison Bay campground. Upon investigation, Moore and Door County Sheriff’s Department deputies found two individuals engaged in a verbal argument that led to a physical altercation witnessed by other adults who intervened. The individual seen instigating the physical action was arrested for domestic violence and transported to Door County Sheriff’s Department jail.

Marine Enforcement Team/June 

Wardens Adam Strehlow, of Milwaukee, and Travis Sindles, of Kenosha, contacted three boats this month involving individuals with five extra lines on Lake Michigan.

Warden Strehlow was patrolling near the Summerfest grounds and came across an unconscious individual lying face down in the middle of a busy street. The individual was bleeding from both ears and the forehead. Strehlow radioed the Milwaukee Police Department to ask for response from fire and rescue. Strehlow then shut down the intersection and provided basic first aid. Milwaukee police and fire crews arrived and took over the scene.

Peshtigo Team/June

Warden Mark Schraufnagel, of Shawano, took enforcement action against a person for shooting at geese defecating on a dock.

Warden Clark Delzer, of Shawano, investigated a jet ski accident where the operators failed to report the incident. It was found after the fact that two people were operating jet skis when they collided head-on on Shawano Lake. There were no injuries, but one machine was totaled, while the other was severely damaged. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Tim Werner and Evan Fox stopped a UTV rider for operating illegally on Hwy. W west of Crivitz. The wardens also found the operator was under the influence of alcohol. In addition, the operator had four prior OWIs related to a motor vehicle and was currently on probation. The operator was arrested for first-offense OWI on an off-highway vehicle.

Lake Winnebago Team/June

Warden Logan Woods, of High Cliff State Park, conducted a traffic stop and took enforcement action against the driver of a vehicle traveling over the speed limit within the state park. Woods also found the vehicle’s driver did not have insurance, the driver admitted to smoking marijuana, and to drinking alcohol. Also, Woods found there was a minor in the vehicle, along with open intoxicants. Woods determined the driver was intoxicated and was arrested for operating while intoxicated.

Wardens Michael Disher, of Chilton, and Amanda Kretschmer, of Green Bay, investigated multiple residency fraud violations involving a Calumet County pair who moved to Wisconsin in late February from North Dakota. The pair recently drew lifetime North Dakota resident big game tags by using a friend’s residential address in North Dakota despite living permanently in Wisconsin for several months. Enforcement actions were taken for license fraud. 

Warden Disher was on patrol and observed a UTV being operated on a county highway without headlights activated. Two young children were riding in the backseat, but were not wearing helmets. A traffic stop revealed the two adults in the front seat were not wearing their seatbelts. Enforcement actions were taken for the violations.


Lower St. Croix Team/June

Wardens Kyle Kosin, of Pierce County, and Chuck Wincek stopped a vehicle after a suspected hit-and-run that occurred inside Willow River State Park. During the traffic stop, the operator rammed Kosin’s squad twice before the driver was removed from the vehicle. A Wisconsin State Patrol trooper arrested the operator for felony OWI, misdemeanor operating after revocation, misdemeanor failure to have ignition interlock device (IID), as well as criminal damage to property.

Warden Kosin observed a boat tied to a dock with three fishing poles in the water. Two of the fishing poles appeared to have fish on them. Upon contact with the owner, it was found they had left the lines out overnight. One pole had a soft-shelled turtle on it and the other had a channel catfish. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Kosin was notified of a criminal case adjudication from the 2021 deer season. The offender pleaded guilty to a criminal deer charge for hunting without a license, and the court revoked his DNR licenses for three years.

Warden Joe McMahon, of Pierce County, investigated a trout fishing harassment complaint of a landowner throwing rocks at anglers on the Trimbelle River. When McMahon attempted to contact the landowner, he observed the man tending to a marijuana growth area of 37 plants. The landowner made claims that he believed the fishermen were not real and had been sent in to “set him up.” McMahon assured the individual that was false. McMahon and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department investigated the marijuana grow. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden McMahon responded to a trespassing/trout fishing complaint on the Rush River. McMahon and a Pierce County Sheriff’s Department deputy located the fishermen who were found to have trespassed on multiple properties to gain access to the fishing spot. The individuals were fishing without required licenses and trout stamps. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden J.J. Redemann, of Dunn County, assisted at a fishing event for physically challenged individuals at Lake Menomin. A special thanks to the Dunn County Fish and Game Club for organizing the successful event and their continued commitment to outreach events.

Wardens Paul Sickman and Madison Bryan, both of St. Croix County, conducted a follow-up investigation for an attempted building break-in at Willow River State Park. After the unsuccessful break-in attempt, the suspected individuals were involved in a pursuit with the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Department, which led into Minnesota where the pursuit ended, and the suspected individuals were apprehended. 

Warden Sickman responded to Willow River State Park for a person who fell and cut open her head. Sickman located the injured woman after cutting a gate lock and assisted in getting medical attention.

Wardens Sickman, McMahon, and Isaac Kruse responded to Lake Mallalieu for a report of an unknown white substance in the water. The wardens located the approximately 5-acre shallow water area of the lake that appeared white. The wardens contacted DNR water quality staff members, who believe the white substance is a “whiting event,” a natural event resulting from suspended calcium carbonate in the water, likely from microorganisms.

Black River Falls Team/June

Wardens Michael Weber, of Mauston, and Brennan Kearney, while on boat patrol at Castle Rock Lake and the Wisconsin River, saw a pontoon boat being operated near the trestle without registration numbers displayed. The wardens contacted the operator and observed signs of intoxication. Kearney conducted field sobriety tests on the operator, which led to the operator’s arrest for operating a motorboat while intoxicated.

Wardens Weber and Kearney responded to a reported boating accident on Castle Rock Lake. Once on the scene, the wardens confirmed that there were no injuries and determined that the operator of a wake boat struck a drifting pontoon boat with multiple occupants. Enforcement action was taken against the wake boat operator.

Wardens Weber and Kearney took enforcement action against an individual after observing the person walk past a “no littering” sign and leave a grocery bag full of empty bottles on private land near the Petenwell dam in the town of Necedah.

Wardens Weber and Kearney took enforcement actions against the operator of a boat carrying multiple passengers who illegally riding on the rear deck. The wardens also found the operator was below the age of 21 and had been consuming alcohol prior to, and while, operating the boat.

Mississippi River Team/June

Warden Dale Hochhausen, of Onalaska, and a La Crosse Police Department investigator, followed up on a complaint regarding a black bear hide and skull that was reported to have possibly been stolen by a private company employee. The box containing the items were shipped from the person’s residence in Ohio to a taxidermist in Minnesota. The package was never delivered to the taxidermist, but marked damaged at the private company’s distribution center in La Crosse. Upon contacting the employee who unloaded the company trailer, it was determined that the package had a very strong rancid odor. This prompted the employee to open the box and toss everything into a trash container, as the perishable items weren’t prepared for shipping.

Warden Bob Jumbeck, of Alma, provided ATV / UTV safety seminars to approximately 120 summer school students at the annual Buffalo County Farm Safety Day Camp in Mondovi. The major topic focused on wearing helmets and seatbelts.

Wardens Cody Adams, of Prairie du Chien, and Todd Olerich contacted a man who had registered a turkey four minutes after purchasing his turkey hunting license during the spring turkey season. The hunter bought a Wisconsin resident license, but it was determined that he has been a Iowa resident since November of 2021. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Adams and Oellerich investigated a complaint where an individual was illegally running a number of unlicensed and untagged bank poles along the Kickapoo River. The individual was determined to have been running numerous bank poles without having licenses and without checking the poles in a timely fashion, as required. It was also determined that the person’s relative had registered an antlerless deer for the man during the 2021 archery season. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Adams, during a professional walleye tournament on the Mississippi River, was informed some of the professional anglers were running late for their weigh-in and drove their boats through Lock and Dam No. 9 in the restricted area. Adams worked with lock officials and was able to learn the identities of some of the anglers. Those anglers were disqualified from the tournament for the day and enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Meghan Jensen, of Trempealeau, and Chuck Wincek were on patrol on the Mississippi River when they were flagged down by an individual who had observed someone throw something into the Mississippi River from a bridge. The wardens were able to locate the person who admitted to throwing a toolbox containing rusty tools into the river. Enforcement action was taken.

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