Rifle deer season moves one step closer to reality

Silhouette Of A 8 Point White Tailed Deer Buck Standing In A Cornfield

The push to open a rifle season moved forward when the Senate passed House Bill 4386, the legislation that would legalize deer hunting with a rifle.

A single-shot rifle that is.

The measure passed both Houses and is expected to be delivered to the governor’s desk someday in the near future.

Whether or not HB 4386 is signed into law by the person sitting at the governor’s desk is  not known, but there have been no indications of any resistance by Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

HB 4386, filed by Rep. Lance Yednock, D-Ottawa, back in January, “Allows a person to take deer with a single shot centerfire rifle during the open season set by the Director of DNR. It limits legal handguns and rifles to centerfire handguns that are either single shot or revolvers and centerfire rifles that are single shot.”

As the bill made its way through the General Assembly, there were serious doubts that it would get to this point, based on the failures of past proposals to allow rifle hunting. But HB 4386 received unanimous votes, with the House voting 106-0 and the Senate voting 52-0.

Read more about HB 4386 in the next issue of Illinois Outdoor News.

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