Monday, January 30th, 2023
Monday, January 30th, 2023

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Minnesota Pro Tip of the Week: Late ice on the Angle down to snowmobiles and pullovers

By Scott Edman

March and April are typically good times to fish for walleyes at Northwest Angle on Lake of the Woods. You can find schools of fish staging to spawn. And up at the Angle, as opposed to the south end of the lake, the fishing is defintely a little bit more walleye-centric. That is in part due to the islands and structure.

There is not a lot of people fishing up on the Angle at this point in the year, with most resorts pulling their fishing houses from the lake. And this year may be a little worse than normal. The ice road up to the Angle didn’t pan out as hoped this year, so accessing the Angle requires crossing the border (and having proper COVID tests and vaccinnations in order) or crossing the lake via snowmobile, air passenger service, or via bombardier (via one of the resorts of the Lake of the Woods Passenger Service in Baudette).

The slush conditions are not great on the lake this spring, so it’s mainly those with snowmobiles that have the easiest time getting around on the ice, but if you have the equipment, it’s likely worth the trouble. Just work through a resort, and enjoy what the final days of this ice season has to offer at the far northern reaches of our state.

Scott Edman, co-operator of Edman’s Angling Adventures, has been a long-time guide on Lake of the Woods and at Northwest Angle. He can be reached at or (218) 779-3486.

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