Enjoy winter while you can


Is it just me, or has this winter gone by fast? It seems like only yesterday it was deer season and the holidays were just ahead. Now, we’re counting the days until March 20, when spring arrives and maybe even more-so, the April 1 trout opener.

I like winter, and always have. I grew up snowmobiling, which was one of the few pleasures my father ever really afforded himself. As far back as I can remember, Dad and my uncles had snowmobiles. My siblings, cousins and I all began riding at a young age.

But snowmobiling didn’t transpire into my adulthood. The machines are expensive and winters just seem shorter now. I know this year I would barely have ridden a snowmobile even it I had one as we’ve had very little snow where I live. On top of that, there’s been some family going’s on this winter and a kitchen remodeling project to prepare for.

My two favorite winter activities are ice fishing and cross-country skiing. Although I’m not as daring or athletic as I used to be, I still like strapping on a pair of skinny skis and going for a tour. It’s incredible exercise. I did much more skiing last winter when we had more snow and consistent conditions. Otherwise, with little time to travel north to where the snow is, I feel like I have much in common with my snowmobiling friends.

Ice fishing and small game hunting are different story, but in recent weeks time has made getting out difficult. Now, with most hunting seasons over, another warm spell is in the forecast that looks to feature plenty of rain. We’ll have to wait and see where the snow and ice will be at when this all passes.

But don’t let warm March weather fool you. Remember the Blizzard of ’93, a major snowstorm that occurred on March 13 of that year. And on March 14, 2017, another blizzard rocked the Northeast. Not good for ice fishing, but not bad for some late winter, early spring skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

Who knows what this year will bring? Still, if you like winter, get out and enjoy it while you can.

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