Pennsylvania produces a huge, record elk

Kramer Elk County Outfitters 1 1
(Courtesy of Elk County Outfitters)

Pennsylvania last year produced a magnificent trophy bull elk that recently made national news.

The animal is not only a new state record but will likely be the fourth-largest non-typical hunter-killed elk in the world. At 455 inches Boone & Crockett, this bull was the largest hunter-killed elk in the country in 2020.

It was taken near Benezette, Elk County, by Duane Kramer, from Bellingham, Washington in October before the start of elk season. He was the winner of the Keystone Elk Country Alliance’s special tag raffle, so he enjoyed a longer season than other hunters.

The bull was not included in the Game Commission’s news releases about elk season because it was not processed at an elk hunt check station. Elk harvested by the winners of the alliance’s tag raffle rarely get mentioned in the agency’s elk season reports. So it stayed under the radar for months.

Because of Kramer’s elk being a potential top-10 animal, it will be re-scored by a panel of Boone and Crockett judges at their 31st Big Game Awards held in Springfield, Missouri in July next year.

Every year it seems, Pennsylvania’s elk range gives up an enormous bull, so with elk season starting on Nov. 1, we can’t help but wonder if outfitters have been tracking any other potential record bulls. We’ll soon find out.

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