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Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – June 25, 2021

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In DeKalb County, CPO Roesch received a TIPS complaint of turkey hunters at Kishwaukee Nature Preserve hunting without a windshield card. CPO Roesch encountered 3 individuals, a dad, and 2 sons. 1 individual was 17 years old and hunting with a bow. No other individuals were hunting. The individual did not have a valid permit for Kishwaukee SFWA, had no hunting license, and did not have a windshield card. CPO Roesch issued the father a citation for parental responsibility for allowing a minor to hunt without a valid permit. CPO Roesch issued the minor 2 WW for hunting without a license and hunting at a site without a windshield card.

In LaSalle County, CPO Martin responded to a complaint regarding an out-of-state resident fishing from the LaSalle County Nuclear Generating Station area of LaSalle Lake which is restricted. LaSalle Station security discovered the fishermen while doing perimeter checks. The individual said he was unaware he was fishing at a Nuclear Powerplant. He did not have a fishing license. The violations were addressed.

In LaSalle County, CPO Martin was contacted by an out-of-state resident who leased farm property to a LaSalle County man. The tenant had unlawfully cut down several trees to include black walnut and hickory without the landowner’s consent. The unlawful cutting of trees is under investigation.

In Winnebago County, CPO Roesch, CPO Alvarez, and Sgt. Wire responded to a call at Rock Cut State Park about individuals shooting air guns. CPO Roesch located the individuals responsible. CPO Roesch located 2 paintball guns in the car and detected a smell of burnt cannabis coming from the car. CPO Roesch also observed a bottle of open alcohol on the floorboard of the car. CPO Roesch conducted a vehicle search and located marijuana and a loaded handgun in the center console. The gun was rand through LEADS and was not stolen. The individual who owned the handgun had a valid concealed carry out of Wisconsin. The handgun was taken apart and placed in the trunk of the car. CPO Roesch issued 3 citations (alcohol in a state park, civil cannabis violation, and shooting an air-powered gun in a state park).

Northeast Zone –
Capt. Eric Schreiber

In Lake County, CPO Reid responded to a complaint in the campground of Illinois Beach State Park. A camper had open alcohol and was melting down extension cords and other rubber-coated wire to remove the copper for scrap. It was discovered the individual had an outstanding arrest warrant out of Lake Co on a $20,000 bond. The individual was arrested for the outstanding warrant and transported to the Lake County Jail

In McHenry County, CPO Winters followed up on a boat rental club that did not have a rental license issued from the department. They admitted to operating in the summer of 2020 without the required license. They were issued a written warning and advised to get the rental license before operating the club this coming summer.

In Kankakee County, While on patrol at the Kankakee River State Park, CPO Elliot located a vehicle that had driven down a horse/hiking trail and parked near a popular fishing area. Citations and warnings were issued to two fishermen for fishing without a valid 2021 Illinois fishing license, unlawful possession of alcohol in the park, and unlawful operation of a motor vehicle in the park. CPO Elliot continues fishing checks, many warnings have been issued for no valid 2021 Illinois fishing license.

In Kankakee County, CPO Farber responded to the area of a pursuit that ISP District 21 was involved in on I-57. The driver of the vehicle was involved in a carjacking in Champaign, IL. Spike strips were deployed by a District 21 MSGT near Ashkum, IL. With one flat tire, the driver of the vehicle attempted to turn around in the grass median and got stuck. The subject was taken into custody without incident. A loaded handgun was discovered near the driver’s seat.

In Will County, CPO Honiotes responded to a Will County complaint of a subject shooting a Canada goose with a .22 rifle in his neighbor’s back yard, while the complainant was outside in the same yard. Interviews were performed with both parties and based on the complainant’s statement, which he agreed to testify to in court, the subject was issued 3 citations and 3 written warnings.

In Cook County, CPO Kusta was conducting sportfish enforcement at a Cook County quarry. CPO Kusta observed a fisherman and requested his valid sportfishing license. The fisherman presented CPO Kusta with his expired license. CPO Kusta issued a written warning and educated the fisherman when the license expired.

In Cook County, CPO Kusta was conducting recreational boat enforcement on a Chicago River. CPO Kusta observed a watercraft with no registration displayed. CPO Kusta stop the watercraft and requested the current registration. The boat owner was unable to produce what was requested. CPO Kusta cited the owner for the operation of the unnumbered watercraft.

In Cook County, CPO Farrell was on patrol in Worth when he located a fisherman in Worth Lake, a restricted area. CPO Farrell drove to the other side of the lake and walked into the timber where it was assumed the fisherman went in. CPO Farrell discovered a trail and a large cut in the chain-link fence and went to go make contact with the induvial. CPO Farrell saw that the individual approaching him, CPO Farrell hid behind a clump of trees to ensure a good location of initial contact. The individual walked past CPO Farrell and along the fence. CPO Farrell made contact and the individual stated he knew he wasn’t supposed to be in there but had been fishing here since he was a kid. He also informed that there were other places to get inside the fence and that many people fish there as well. 

In Cook County, CPO Waigand received information from Phoenix police Department concerning an abandoned baby raccoon. The Phoenix Police Department found the animal and rescued it from traffic and other animals in the area. CPO Waigand was contacted and met with a Phoenix Police Officer to transport the raccoon to a wildlife center in Dupage county. The baby raccoon was transported and admitted to Willowbrook Wildlife Center.

Central Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

In Jersey County, CPO Michael Goetten stopped a truck with no registration at PMSP. The driver unlawfully possessed cannabis in the vehicle. The passenger was wanted on a Jersey County arrest warrant. A search of the vehicle revealed a container with crystal methamphetamine and three containers with liquid methamphetamine. The total weight of the methamphetamine was 90 grams. The driver was cited and release. The passenger was arrested on the warrant and possession of 15-100 grams of methamphetamine.

In Cass County, At Jim Edgar Panther Creek, CPO Wahlbrink noticed a watercraft on Gridley Lake using a gas motor, but only electric trolling motors are allowed. A boat safety inspection revealed there were not enough personal flotation devices onboard the watercraft. The appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Cass County, while working turkey hunters at Jim Edger Panther Creek in Cass County CPO Snodgrass located a subject mushroom hunting at 10 am. During spring turkey season it is unlawful to mushroom hunt state sites before 1 pm due to safety issues. The subject was issued a written warning and educated on the violation.

In Logan County, CPO Thornley conducted recreational boat enforcement in Logan and Menard Counties. CPO Thornley conducted a boat inspection of a vessel on Salt Creek. CPO Thornley observed the operator had a child next to him on the boat. When the operator arrived at the shore, CPO Thornley advised the operator that anyone under the age of 13 had to be in a lifejacket at all times.  CPO Thornley issued a citation for the violation. Several written warnings were issued for other equipment violations.

In Cumberland County, CPO Hyatt assisted Neoga PD with an individual who has a dead deer rotting in a 55 gal. drum in his front yard. Neoga thought there was an issue with the deer but it was documented as roadkill. The individual stated that he was using the deer as compost for his garden.

In Moultrie County, CPO Moody responded to the Kaskaskia River after a man backing his boat into the river ended up with the truck in the river as well. The truck came out of gear and the current carried the truck downstream about 50 yards until it was fully submerged. The dive team assisted in hooking up the tow line and removing the truck, trailer, and boat from the river. The man was uninjured.

In Macon County, CPO Workman and CPO Z. Williams received a complaint regarding a deer hanging in the backyard of a residence. CPO Workman and Williams went to the location and interviewed the resident and neighbors. The neighbors provided photos and written statements regarding the witnessing of the hanging deer. The resident of the home advised her boyfriend and his friend shot the deer the night before while coyote hunting. CPO Williams and Workman contacted the boyfriend and friend. The officers interviewed the subjects and the subjects admitted to unlawfully taking a whitetail deer. The subjects escorted the CPOs to the carcass and surrendered the firearm used to take the deer. Each subject was cited with 6 citations and 4 written warnings.

In Macon County, CPO Z. Williams and CPO Workman responded to a complaint of a deer killed by a rifle in Harristown. The suspects and deer were not on the scene when CPOs arrived. Both CPOs interviewed witnesses and found evidence at the residence of a freshly killed deer. CPO Z. Williams obtained a picture taken by a neighbor of a freshly killed whitetail deer hanging from a swing set in one of the suspect’s yards. Upon further investigation, CPO Z. Williams was able to identify the path the deer was dragged due to a path of deer hair, broken foliage, and blood. CPO Z. Williams and CPO Workman both interviewed the girlfriend who was at the residence. She provided very useful information and a written statement. CPO Workman contacted the suspects and arranged to meet at the local Sam’s Club in Forsyth. CPOs met both suspects in the parking lot and separated them. During the interviews, CPOs learned both suspects went out late the night before to coyote hunt [illegal during dark hours this time of year]. They saw something move in the brush and shot at it with the .22 caliber rifle they had. It turned out to be a whitetail deer. Instead of calling local CPOs, both suspects loaded the deer into their truck, transported the deer to the residence in Harristown, dumped it behind the house in some timber, then went to sleep. The following morning, they decided to try to process it themselves in the middle of the backyard. While taking a break inside, suspects were tipped off that Conservation Police were coming. They ran outside, loaded the deer in the truck bed, and drove out of town at a high rate of speed. CPOs learned the deer was pregnant and the suspects attempted to dump the deer carcass and unborn fawns in a creek just outside of town.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Randolph County, CPO Schachner, CPO Ray, and CPO Sievers assisted Randolph County in searching for a subject whose truck was discovered overturned in a creek after running off a roadway. The subject was not in the vehicle nor the creek and there was an extensive 3-hour search involving approximately 30 citizen volunteers and at least 6 law enforcement officers as well as volunteer firemen. There was a serious concern that the subject may have suffered a head injury and was dazed and wandering around in the woods. The brushy timber upstream and downstream on both sides of the creek was searched thoroughly for a considerable distance. Eventually, evidence was discovered indicating the subject had been at his residence after the crash, (the residence was approximately a mile from the crash scene.) A short time later, the uninjured subject was discovered hiding/asleep in the woods behind his house.

In St. Clair County, CPO Liebl and TA Sgt. Sievers responded to a call of a boat floating unoccupied on the Kaskaskia River. Upon arrival was evident that there had been an engine fire. The boat had not been registered for several years, which made tracking down the owner difficult. The current owner was finally able to be reached and confirmed that no one had been injured in the fire. The boat was being test-driven by a prospective buyer when the engine caught on fire. The operator was safely able to get the boat to shore and tie it off. The owner of the boat told the operator to leave it there and he would get another boat the next day to help tow it back to the launch. A boat accident report was completed and appropriate enforcement action will be taken on the boat not being registered properly.

In Saline County, CPO Wilkinson was working turkey hunters when he observed a vehicle parked in the roadway, on a bridge. Considering the vehicle was illegally parked and in the way of traffic, CPO Wilkinson conducted a stop on the vehicle. Upon contact with the operator, a strong odor of burnt cannabis was emitted from the vehicle. CPO Wilkinson explained to the operator the vehicle was illegally parked. The operator said they had stopped to go hiking. The operator was then asked if there was cannabis in the vehicle and the operator said no, it had all been smoked. CPO Wilkinson then asked how long ago it was smoked. The operator said three hours ago. Even though consent was not needed to search the vehicle, CPO Wilkinson requested consent to search the vehicle due to the odor of burnt cannabis. The operator consented and provided CPO Wilkinson the location and amounts of cannabis in the vehicle. There was a small amount of cannabis and THC Wax “DAB”. CPO Wilkinson seized the cannabis and issued citations to the operator. Field sobriety was performed and the vehicle was released to the passenger who had not participated in the use of any cannabis or “DAS.”

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