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Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Jan. 10, 2020


Lower Chippewa Team Web Report

Wardens Kevin Christorf, of Cornell, Lt. Jeremy Peery, Ken Thomson, of Fall Creek, and Jake Bolks, of Eau Claire, followed up on an illegal deer investigation in November. They found three individuals had shined and shot two large bucks from a vehicle with a rifle during the archery season. The bucks had been shot at night on private land near Owen where they did not have permission. It was also found that one of the individuals was revoked for past illegal hunting activities and had intentionally run over a large 11-point buck earlier in the year. 

Wardens Christorf and Bob Kneeland, of Chippewa Falls, followed up on an illegal deer hunting investigation during the archery deer season near Cornell. They found the individual had shot an illegal buck over bait and used another person’s authorization so the suspect could continue to hunt.

Wardens Christorf and Bolks followed up on a illegal activity near Fairchild. A suspect during the archery deer season had shot three large bucks over illegal bait. Two of the bucks were a large 16-pointer and large 9-pointer. Enforcement action was taken for overbagging on bucks, as well as hunting over illegal bait.

Wardens Christorf and Bolks followed up on an illegal deer hunting investigation during the archery deer season near Eau Claire. They found that over the past few years that one man had shot seven illegal large bucks in Buffalo and Eau Claire counties.

Wardens Christorf and Kneeland followed up on an illegal deer investigation during the archery season near Bloomer. They found a hunter who had already shot a buck during the archery deer season had then shot a second large buck. The individual contacted another hunter who was not out hunting with the suspect and had used their harvest authorization. 

Wardens Christorf, Alek Henseler, of Milwaukee, Kneeland and Lt. Shaun Deeney followed up on illegal deer investigation near Cornell. It was found the individual had shot three illegal deer over the past few years. The individual also placed large amounts of bait in Chippewa County. 

Wardens Christorf and Henseler contacted a group of hunters near Cadott and found they had harvested six illegal deer between 2019 and 2018. One of the individuals also placed out illegal bait in Chippewa County.

Wardens Christorf and Kneeland followed up on an illegal deer investigation and found that two deer were illegally harvested by three individuals near New Auburn. One of the individuals shot a deer from the road. This individual was also found to have been hunting deer without a license. The other deer was harvested without the proper license authorization. 

Wardens Christorf, Peery, Kneeland and Bolks followed up on an illegal deer investigation near Elk Mound and found that five persons were involved with shooting multiple deer from motor vehicles during the gun deer season. The individuals shot these deer from a motor vehicle on lands where they did not have permission. 

Warden Kneeland, while on the way to another call, observed a small child cross a four-lane highway unaccompanied. The child appeared lost and in distress in the cold weather. The child did not have a coat or suitable clothing in 14-degree weather. Kneeland located the child in a store and ensured the child did not need medical attention or have any cold-related injuries. Kneeland turned him over to Chippewa Falls Police Department.

Wardens Bolks and Christorf completed an investigation where a man had been illegal using his wife’s bow buck authorization for many years. In 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019 the man used his wife’s tag to register bucks he shot.

Lower St. Croix Team/November

Wardens J.J. Redemann, of Dunn County, and Jaime McDermid worked shining enforcement late into a November night and saw occupants of a vehicle shining fields after legal shining hours. Redemann stopped the vehicle, and a Dunn County Sheriff’s Department deputy assisted. Enforcement action was taken for the illegal shining activity and also for possession of drugs and paraphernalia.

The Lower St. Croix warden team responded to citizen complaints of road hunting by using a deer decoy during the gun-deer season. A pair of road hunters saw the decoy and shot at it from the road. The shooter missed the decoy, and the vehicle was stopped by wardens. The driver and passenger denied shooting despite their actions being recorded on video. Both individuals had a lengthy DNR history, including being cited numerous times for road hunting violations.

Wardens and Dunn County Sheriff’s Department deputies investigated an illegal deer case during the gun season. A hunter who is already revoked for illegally killing trophy bucks was found to have killed three bucks this fall without a license. The largest of these bucks, a Boone and Crockett-sized 18-point buck, was shot with a rifle and spotlight while road hunting the night before the nine-day season. Hunting equipment and the three bucks were seized. Criminal charges and citations are pending.

Warden Isaac Kruse, of St. Croix County, investigated a complaint of a building, which was thought to contain asbestos, being demolished in the town of Forest. Kruse observed dump trucks being loaded with demolition waste leaving the site and returning shortly after. Kruse followed one of the trucks a few miles away to a large pit dug on private property. The waste was being dumped into the pit with the intention of burying the waste, along with a mobile home situated nearby. The allegations of asbestos being present in the house were not corroborated. However, the responsible party handling the demolition and disposal was contacted and will be required to dispose of the demolition waste and mobile home properly.

Warden Kruse was patrolling during the gun-deer season when he located a ground blind on a state wildlife area with less than the required amount of blaze orange attached. The blind was also situated near several corn piles in excess of the 2-gallon limit allowed in St. Croix County. Kruse contacted an adult male who was inside the blind. While checking his license, Kruse detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the man. When asked what the smell was the hunter replied, “It might be doe pee.” He admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking whiskey while hunting. He had also driven to the location despite not having a valid driver’s license. He was arrested and brought to the hospital for a blood draw. He was then transported to the St. Croix County Jail and booked in for going armed with a detectable amount of a controlled substance in his blood.

Warden Paul Sickman, of St. Croix County, saw a pickup truck parked in an unusual area. There was a fresh deer skull plate with a small rack, along with vacuum sealed packages of meat labeled B-19, in the back of the truck. Sickman saw two men walking in the woods, and one of them had a loaded crossbow. Upon contact, the man with the crossbow said he shot a buck earlier in the morning and they were tracking it. He said he did not have a hunting license and had already shot a buck the previous week. The deer parts in the back of his truck were from the previously harvested buck. He was on probation for drugs. Sickman arrested him and transported him to jail due to a probation hold. Enforcement action was also taken for the criminal charge of hunting deer without a license.

Warden Sickman received a complaint that someone had shot at a pheasant from the road. Sickman’s investigation showed the person shot and harvested a rooster pheasant from the road.

 Wardens Kyle Kosin and Sickman followed up on a call of a local individual operating an ATV with a loaded crossbow on the front rack of the ATV. The wardens made contact with the suspect weeks later at his residence. While there, the wardens discovered a loaded rifle in plain view in the suspect’s truck. 

Warden Brad Peterson contacted a bowhunter hunting over an illegal gravity feeder that was empty. The hunter said he placed the feeder in July and had been using it since.

Mississippi River Team/November

Warden Shawna Stringham, of Viroqua, and Lt. Tyler Strelow responded to a complaint of an individual who had shot a 10-point buck on opening weekend of the bow season over bait. Vernon County is a no-bait county. The investigation showed the hunter put out corn, apples and mineral on the property.

Minnesota conservation officer Tyler Ramaker received information from a taxidermist regarding a person who brought an entire deer head with antlers from Wisconsin into Minnesota to get the deer mounted. Minnesota laws prohibit importing deer heads into Minnesota. It was initially said the deer had been harvested by the person’s grandmother. It was determined the grandmother, who registered the deer as a Wisconsin kill, hadn’t purchased any deer licenses in the last 10 years prior to 2019. The male individual, a resident of Minnesota, had no licenses for 2019. Ramaker and Wisconsin wardens Dale Hochhausen, of Onalaska, and Edward McCann, of La Crosse, investigated the suspicious registration. It was found the grandson had archery deer hunted in Wisconsin four times in 2019 without a license and shot the buck. The grandson also shot turkeys in 2018 and 2019 without licenses or turkey stamps, failed to register three turkeys and failed to register an antlerless deer.

Warden Hochhausen investigated a complaint for an Iowa game warden on two individuals regarding license fraud and not having proper approvals while deer hunting in Iowa. Both individuals had illegally purchased resident licenses in Iowa and Wisconsin. Hochhausen seized several Iowa licenses and enforcement action will be taken.

Warden Hochhausen, on the opening morning of the gun-deer season, contacted three individuals illegally hunting over bait. The hunters also didn’t register three deer from past years and were baiting the previous year. 

Warden McCann responded to a complaint of individuals hunting in a closed area at Wildcat Mountain State Park. McCann contacted the individuals as they left and discovered several violations, including hunting in a closed area, leaving treestands on state land overnight, possession of drug paraphernalia, loaded and cocked crossbow in a vehicle and driving a vehicle while revoked.

Wardens McCann and Strelow were checking waterfowl hunters around 8 a.m. when they determined one hunter from a group was intoxicated and handling a firearm. The hunter was arrested for going armed while intoxicated and was issued a citation for having a loaded firearm in a motorboat.

Warden Bob Jumbeck, of Alma, received information of a man who had shot multiple deer with a bow and had not registered them.

Warden Cody Adams, of Prairie du Chien, investigated a citizen call concerning the person’s concern a private business sold her husband her archery license. She did not think that the business should be doing that so she called the DNR hotline. It was determined by Adams that the husband had, indeed, purchased his wife’s license and he also filled her archery buck carcass “tag.” It was determined this had happened numerous years in the past. Warden Ryan Caputo, of Dane County, assisted with the investigation.

Warden Trevor Tracey, of Stoddard, received a call of three waterfowl hunters observed discharging their firearms from a boat blind while under power. Tracey contacted the hunters and found that two of the subjects had gone with loaded firearms, as well as discharged their firearms from the boat as it was underway. It was also found that the subjects did not have enough wearable PFDs in their boat.

Warden Tracey contacted four deer hunters near Chaseburg during the 2019 gun-deer season. The hunters had multiple stands baited on their property. Vernon County is a no-bait county.

Wardens Zach Feest and Strelow observed a group of three hunters fail to retrieve waterfowl while group bagging near Nelson. The wardens contacted the group at the landing and learned the group had been group bagging on ducks the past two days, failed to retrieve game, were three ducks over their three-man limit from the day before, were in possession of waterfowl without a fully feathered wing or head attached, and would have been over their daily limit that day if they would have retrieved all of the birds they had shot. 

Wardens Nate Ackerman, of Durand, and Feest found a person who had a girlfriend buy a license to cover a second buck. A total of three deer were shot illegally over baited areas or without an approval.

Wardens Ackerman and Feest found a person had shot four deer without a license. Enforcement action was taken, including requesting revocation of hunting privileges.

Wardens Feest and Strelow contacted a non-resident hunter from Minnesota who was deer hunting on private land in Pepin County. The hunter was found to be hunting without a license. The hunter stated that he did not feel he should have to buy a license since he was hunting on his own land, only hunts the opening weekend, and would only shoot a really big buck. The hunter had been hunting the past few years without a license.

Black River Falls Team/November

During the gun deer season, warden Molly Detjens, of Adams, was called to an area of Marquette County where a group of people had illegally taken possession of a deer. The group was observed driving down a road with a deer on top of their vehicle. The deer was found to have been shot in the head, but was still alive and flopped off their vehicle while they were driving away. The group turned around and was attempting to get the deer back on their vehicle when they were stopped by a Marquette County Sheriff’s Department deputy. The deer was found to have been shot from the road. Members of this party were also found to have left their deer blinds on state property overnight.

Wardens Wade Romberg, of Friendship, and Sean Neverman took enforcement actions against two individuals involved in shooting a spike buck out the window of a truck in Rome Township in Adams County. They were contacted after trespassing and a citation was issued by local law enforcement for that violation, as well.

Warden Romberg took enforcement actions against two individuals for prohibiting hunting on lands that are enrolled in the Managed Forest Land program and are open to the public for hunting. The individuals had posted “no trespassing” signs on the land.

Wardens Michael Weber, of Mauston, and Blaine Ziarek, of Waukesha, contacted two gun deer hunters in the Central Forest Zone of Juneau County who were in possession of an antlerless deer registered by a third hunter who was absent. Further investigation by the wardens showed that one of the hunters had illegally shot the deer without a Central Forest Zone approval and then illegally contacted the third hunter via phone to use their approval.

Wardens Weber, Ziarek and Brent Couperus investigated a convicted felon who had shot a doe behind his residence with a firearm. The individual used an AR-15 rifle and shot the doe in the Central Forest Zone of Juneau County. The suspect did not have a gun deer hunting license and did not have a Central Forest Zone harvest authorization, and registered the deer as a Central Farmland Zone crossbow harvest. The wardens arrested the individual and booked him into the Juneau County Jail.


Marine Enforcement Unit/November

Wardens Mike Neal, of Sister Bay, Jeff Lautenslager, of Peshtigo, and Lt. Chris Groth assisted with a body recovery effort on the Menominee River near Marinette. After some time the victim was located and recovered by the Marinette County dive team.

Wardens Neal, Josh Voelker, Lautenslager, Dave Allen and Darren Kuhn assisted with a security event in Marinette for U.S. Vice President Pence who was at Marinette Marine- Fincantieri Ship Building.

Wardens Neal and Lautenslager traveled to UW-Stevens Point to provide a talk to the university’s law enforcement class in regards to boating enforcement and crash investigations.

Warden Neal was patrolling during gun-deer season between Baileys Harbor and Sister Bay when he talked with a woman who was walking into the woods wearing a brown coat. She told the warden she didn’t think anyone would be hunting on that property. However, 200 yards away were three vehicles parked on the property, indicating there were hunters using the property. Neal asked her to go home and put some orange or bright colored clothing on if she intended to walk in the woods. 

Warden Lautenslager worked with wardens Paul Hartrick and Clark Delzer on an investigation involving illegal shining and shooting. As a result, the wardens took enforcement actions against eight individuals.

Wardens Lautenslager and Kuhn received a complaint of a deer being shot from a road. The wardens investigated and took enforcement actions against two individuals for baiting, hunting without a license, shooting from a vehicle, loaded gun in a vehicle, felon in possession of a firearm, and multiple other firearms violations.

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